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Courtesy Call To Businesses & Corporations

Your goal is to capture as many names/email addresses and build your contact list. Once you build your contact list, you can email your contacts any of our templates and introduce them to your store. The bigger the contact list, the bigger the sales.

Here are some firms that you should contact:

* accounting
* computer software
* manufacturing
* construction
* engineering
* telecommunication
* businesses
* law firms
* mortgage companies
* real estate agents
* advertising agencies
* health care providers
* insurance and title companies
* consultants
* employment agencies
* management companies

Dialogue for Getting Office Manager's Name

I believe in the two-call system. Receptionists are trained to screen calls. If they believe that you are a sales person, they will often stall your efforts in getting to the right person. Even if they connect you with the right individual, they may let that person know you are just another sales call.

To avoid this from happening, here are a series of scripts to assure that your success rate for reaching the right people will be much higher.

This is how you should make the phone call to see who does the ordering:

Receptionist: "Hello. Thank you for calling ABC Insurance Agency. How may I help you?"

You: "Yes, I was wondering if you might tell me who does the ordering for your company with regards to gift baskets or flowers when an occasion arises?"

Receptionist: "That would be Diane Henry."

You: "Great! Can you tell me the correct spelling of Diane's name?"

Receptionist: "D-i-a-n-e H-e-n-r-y."

You: "Thank you. I really appreciate your help."


No Pressure Phone Call

*Note: Relax, have a good time on the phone. This is a feel good call. You are simply calling to help them save money on their gifting needs and to give them an opportunity to enter our monthly gift basket drawing.

This may sound kind of scary at first. I remember I was so afraid of rejection and afraid to call up some huge organization. As I write this, I have a smile on my face just remembering the unnecessary fear that I had. You will find that this is one of the simplest calls to make.

Everybody loves to talk about gift baskets! It's a feel-good thing. Most of those office managers wish that they had enough courage to go out and start a gift basket business instead of working at their corporate jobs. I, personally, like the soft-sell approach. I don't think people like to deal with hard-core sales people.


Make sure your voice sounds very personable and make sure you speak naturally and don't sound like you are reading this from a script. Practice several times and change the wording to fit your style. The receptionist will answer the telephone. (Sometimes they are the office manager as well).

Receptionist: "Hello. Thank you for calling ABC Insurance Agency. How may I help you?"

You: "Hello. May I speak to Diane Henry please?"

Receptionist: "Just a moment please."

Diane: “This is Diane, how may I help you?”

You: "Hi Diane. My name is Lisa with La Bella Baskets. How are you?"

Diane: "Fine, thank you."

You: "That's good. Just briefly, this is a courtesy call to inform you that our company, La Bella Baskets, is helping businesses in your area save 10% OFF every gift basket, flower and cookie bouquet from now until 11/30. We also help corporations save an INCREDIBLE 30% on every order with our Memberships for Corporate / Business accounts.  I can help you save time and money and I would like to send you a full explanation email. So which email address shall I forward this money saving information to?"

Diane: “Sure, my email address is!”
(Most will say sure! Who can say no to a money saving opportunity?)

You: "Great, let me repeat it: xxxxxx@xxxx. Is this correct?"

Diane: “Yes.”

You: “Great!  I will email you my website in 5 minutes. Please check your spam or junk folder in case the email lands there and as a "thank you", I will add your name to our monthly company drawing so you can have an opportunity to win one of our beautiful gift baskets."

Diane: “That’s Wonderful!”

You: "I want to make sure you receive this money saving information. So, if for some reason you don't receive my email, please feel free to call me. Do you have a pen handy so I may give you my direct line?"

Diane: “Yes”.

You: “Okay, my phone number is 123-4567. Is there anything else I can help you with today?

Diane: “No Thank You.”

You: “Okay, well you have a great day Diane and good luck in our drawing!”

Your goal

Your goal is to contact corporations everyday and build a large contact list. This way you can email them templates showcasing the gifts.

*Remember, the money is on your contact list!

This soft-sell approach works because:

1) The office manager is a busy person, and you have just told her that you will only to be taking two minutes of her time.

2) The office manager is use to sending gifts and is always looking for ways to save money. I can almost guarantee that nobody offers them 30% off EVERYDAY.

3) You have told them that you are emailing more information for a future need. This isn't a pressure call. You are just sending information and helping them save money.


If they say NOT interested...

say: thank you for taking the time to speak to me and ask for referrals. If they say I already have a company that I am very happy with and buy from... say: Great, I'm glad your happy with your current gifting company. Do you know of other business owners that you can refer to us? Perhaps they might be interested. 30% is a great amount to save and maybe they might be interested.

If they still say no....

say: thank you for taking the time to speak to me and have a great day!



*If you get one definite NO, or even two you should move on. Do not take it personal. We are not here to annoy people. Remember, there are thousands of businesses to contact.

*Always assume they will go with the program always think positive and have a great attitude on the phone.

*Never ask permission to speak to them.. why?? 99% they will say "NO not right now" or they do not have time.

*Always make them feel your product is the best.... because it is!!! After all, we are the only company that offers 30% discount on all of their gifting needs. There are no coupons or expirations dates. Simply 30% off everyday.

*If they hang up never take it personal move on.

Remember, the SW rule. Some Will, Some Won't, So What, because there will always be others.

Asking for Referral Business

The more people you meet and businesses that become clients, the more referral business you can find. Asking for referral business is a common sales generator, and every business owner asks colleagues and clients for leads.

Referral business can be acquired in many ways.

* During a sit-down dinner with new or existing associates

* At a cocktail hour, as you go from group to group for conversations and to greet others

* At the end of a client meeting

* At leisure events where you meet new people (but only after you've spoken to the

other person on topics of interest to him or her)

* Whenever you attend a personal or professional function.


Listen to a call all about the corporate script!