Janis & Mia

To All La Bella Baskets Consultants:

Janis and I have very exciting news to share with you today!!
La Bella Baskets has been working very hard to implement more programs to our growing business. We are rolling out an amazing new program and we are so excited about it!

- La Bella Baskets Memberships for Corporate / Business accounts.
We know that Corporate accounts can be a key factor to your La Bella Baskets business. Many corporations and businesses use gift baskets and flowers to build their relationships with their customers and to recognize their hard working employees.

We also understand that with this economy many companies want to stand out from the rest and to show their appreciation to their customers they will send their clients gifts.
So what a better way to help them by offering them a great value, a huge discount for every order they place!

So as of Monday, June 14th, 2010- La Bella Baskets can now offer a membership to help companies with all their gifting needs.
This is a great way to help corporation/businesses save money and a great way to grow your check. It is also a great way to build residual income everytime corporations/businesses renew their membership!

We will offer every company the following benefits:
Benefits of Having a La Bella Baskets Corporate / Business Membership:

As a La Bella Baskets Corporate / Business Members we will receive:

  • Your own La Bella Baskets online store with over 400 gourmet items within minutes of sign up.
  • A huge discount, 30% off every item ordered from your La Bella Store.
  • Tracking information of all of your gift purchases. We will email you an invoice of each purchase. Order Confirmations and Delivery Confirmations.
  • Incredible flat rate ground and overnight shipping for all your gifting orders and personal gift messages to all your customers.
  • Up-to-date emails on new arrivals, sales and all product updates.
  • Company name personalization with our selective ribbon gift baskets and cookie bouquets.
  • Your own dedicated La Bella Baskets Personal Gift Consultant to assist you with all your gifting needs.
  • Ongoing support.
  • Two affordable memberships: 6 months membership for $129.95
  • Annual membership for $239.95. (normally $259.95, Save $20.00 by puchasing the annual membership).

La Bella Baskets also believes in the power of giving, when you buy gifts from La Bella Baskets you are directly contributing to our Single Moms Baskets of Hope Program

Benefits of marketing La Bella Baskets Corporate / Business Membership:
We have two corporate memberships to choose here's how you can earn:

Membership #1 - 6 months for $129.95 - all LBB consultants will earn 20% ( $25.99) and the best part is that the corporate sales volume will be added to yours. Moving you closer to your leadership positions, bonuses and sales commission % increases.

Membership #2 - Annual for $239.95 - all LBB consultants will earn 25% (59.99) and the best part is the corporate sales volume will added to yours. Moving you closer to your leadership positions, bonuses and sales commission % increases.
Now it even gets better. Each time that company that you signed up renews, you will continue to receive 20% for the six month and 25% for the annual membership.
Your La Bella Baskets Online Store already has the Company Membership Sign Up Category - Last category on the left hand side.
Both membership choices are up and once they enroll through your store you will receive an email from our system notifying you of a successful corporate membership.

Please note: The sales volume generated from this membership is only included in the sponsoring consultants Team Sales Volume.
For example: Congrats# XXXX Corp/Buss. Sign Up

Every La Bella Baskets Consultant along with La Bella Baskets will provide these companies with any assistance they may need.
Summer season is a great time to build those relationships and sign up as many companies to come on board. This will be an exciting time to get them ready for the upcoming holiday season!!!
Here is a list of business/corporations that would love this program:
* Realtors
* Hotel/Resorts
* Attorneys
* Accounting Firms
* Insurance Companies
* Any business that has clients they serve
Sample membership email and postcard at:

Much success to all and never give up on your dreams!!!
Sky is the limit for all!!!

Janis & Mia
La Bella Baskets Co-founders

Phone: 877-228-6435