Copy, Paste and edit your contact information to use as an email template
OR Edit your contact information and Print them out as flyers!

Simply open the Word Document, edit & print!
If you do not  have microsoft word, visit: you will be able to download it.
Please Note:  
Mailboxes and mail slots belong to the Federal Government and a person can be prosecuted for putting things into it or on it unless they're authorized to do so.    It's ok to place flyers in newsboxes (where newspapers are put), but putting flyers inside mailboxes is not allowed. 

Any marketing material that is distributed with LBB name or your own names, You Must get permission to leave any marketing material anywhere especially in front of businesses or inside any business. Please never leave flyers or post cards on cars or copies of flyers just anywhere. Depending on the cities LBB and our consultants can get charged big fines. Always ask permission and there is tons of places you can advertise but there are some places you cannot at all.