While you're on the go, why not give free LBB Savers Club memberships to people that you meet. They will absolutely love your free gift!

Below is a super easy way to approach people.

You say:
  "Oh by the way, my company has given me an incredible gift to share. I can give a few gift cards every month that will save you 20% on all your gifts for a year! It's like a Sam's club for gifts! I only have 10 and I would love to give you one!

You do:
Get your ipad or smart phone and visit your website.
Login to your back office and enroll them for a free gift membership. 

* Next, give them a membership card and write down your website, their username and password so they can easily have that card and use it to shop anytime!

After the year is over, don't forget to contact them to see if they want to purchase the membership.

Building Relationship:
Now that you have a new LBB Savers members, don't forget to stay in touch with them. Call them to see if there are any special occasions are coming up. And, don't forget to call them before any major holiday! 

More Reasons to Give LOTS of Savers Club Memberships
Some of your members might upgrade and want to join the business! Now that's exciting!

Since the gifted member is not paying for the membership, naturally there will be no commission on the $9.95. However, every time they use the membership you will receive 15% commission! 

If you are a Sr. Gift Director can you imagine that every time your team members give away these memberships every month...WOW...YOU will receive 5% commission on their orders!
(p.s. if you haven't moved up to the first level, this is a great incentive to move up levels).


Benefit #1:
This is an amazing recruiting tool! If you wish to share our opportunity with others, imagine telling potential consultants that once they join, they will automatically get a membership every month to give away to help them get customers! This means more team members for you!

Benefit #2:
Use this free membership for fundraisers, charity events, craft fairs and more. The possibilities are endless!

Benefit #3:
Your customer will be able to use this membership for an entire YEAR. All memberships also comes with the La Bella Baskets Rewards program.  

Benefit #4:
We are in the gifting business and we love to bring smiles and joy to people's lives. With this new program we are confident that we will be helping people save money and helping them send more gifts to their loves ones. 

We have thousands of consultants! Imagine when everyone starts giving free membership away every month, what a positive change we are going to make!

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