Market To Corporations

Action Plan

Gift Basket Program

Everybody has gift giving needs. Almost every business and every individual is a potential customer! Although this is good news, you probably do not have the financial means to market to everyone. So, it’s important to choose a target for your marketing dollars. Corporate clients are a good target, but we must narrow it down even further.

Bigger is Better!
Bigger is better. This is not that smaller companies aren’t worth going after, they are. It is to say, however, that larger businesses have more employees and clients to take care of, and therefore, tend to be better repeat customers. A good place to start is to identify the top ten companies in your area in each of the following business categories.

p.s. don't for get to offer corporation 20% off their entire gifts.  See LBB Savers Club

Locate large firms associated with:
 * accounting
*  computer software
*  manufacturing
*  construction
*  engineering
*  telecommunication
*  businesses. 
*  law firms
*  mortgage companies
*  real estate agents
*  advertising agencies
*  health care providers
*  insurance and title companies
*  consultants
*  employment agencies 
*  management companies

You can find this information at your library, Chamber of Commerce and through state and local business oriented magazines. Obtain Forbes Magazine, which publishes a list of Fortune 500 companies. Although these companies are national, they may have offices located in your city. 

Also read the newspaper and tune in to local news broadcasts and listen for stories about local companies. Once you have compiled this list, you need to find out who is in charge of ordering and sending gifts to their employees and clients. Generally, this is the office manager. A simple phone call to find out the name of the office manager is all you really need to do. (See Dialogue for Getting Name.) You may also need to contact department heads and in some cases, the owner.