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Citrus Clove- Fragranced Candle Collection

I ordered the Juicy Melon Candle Assortment for a friend of mine. When I received the basket, I could smell the candles through the wrapping. It was such a pleasant melon scent. It was a beautiful basket.

My friend loves candles. She was most pleased with this candle assortment. Thank you.
Julianne -LBB Consultant

Let your customers know about our selected gift baskets that are up to 30% off. Sales are a great way to drive traffic to your website. After all, who doesnt li'ke a sale!

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Our Dream...

Our dream was to build a company that would give people the opportunity to start their own online gift basket and flower business without the large investment, headaches and risks. We wanted to give ordinary people to win (regardless who they are or where they come from). Dreams do come true!

Janis & Mia

La Bella Baskets.


Just wanted to share what I learned from my 13 year old son!

This past week my husband took our two sons windsurfing. My oldest son is very comfortable windsurfing, however, my youngest son had never wind surf before. He is my “computer guy” and not very adventurous at all! I must stay I was a little nervous letting him go and windsurf. On top of that, I heard that the lake water was going to be a little chilly and it was a super windy day so I knew it was going to be a tough day for a “beginner”. However my husband reassured me that it was a perfect day to windsurf. He reassured me they were going to be fine so they packed up and took off that afternoon.

When they returned, my husband shared how proud he was of our youngest son. He said that there were many times our youngest son would fall down, but every time he would fall down, he would get back on the surf board and do it again.

I was so surprised how well he did and how determined he was to learn windsurfing.

As I sit her in front of my computer while, I'm working on this newsletter, I thought about how my 13 year old was a wonderful representation of anyone who wants to achieves success; he jumped on the surfboard, found it slightly uncomfortable, reset himself and then got right back in. In life, and in business, the same technique would prove useful.

Imagine how incredible your life could be if you choose to embrace the opportunities that were presented instead of analyzing every aspect of each situation. Many people choose to ‘test the water’ first and upon finding it slightly chilly will instead either procrastinate or not go in at all. Human nature is inherent to preservation; in other words we tend to protect ourselves from any form of discomfort. Unfortunately most success comes on the other side of a modicum of uneasiness.

Consider a top athlete; their physique, drive and desire to win. Any athlete who achieves success will tell you that some workouts are painful. Some training leaves them breathless, aching and unsettled however the repetition of discomfort eventually leads to a higher level of tolerance which then in turn allows the athlete to win, pushing past the pain.

The success I have achieved in the homebased industry or anything at all for that matter, has been about embracing the unknown, getting uncomfortable and diving in. Personally, I do not want to take years and years to get to the next level; I want to get there yesterday and often that means getting through the unpleasantness of learning and developing myself as a leader.

There have been many times where being uncomfortable has made me want to run and literally get out of the pool. Who wants to face rejection, deception, apathy and attrition? Who wants to be criticized? In all honesty, this is life and all of these things come with doing business, being in relationships or going for any goal. I didn’t choose to run, I choose to face these things and stay the course and in doing so continue to achieve success in many areas of my life.

Like my son, we all have the opportunity to get out for a minute to re-set before getting back on the surfboard. For many successful people meditation, exercise, reading personal development books or listening to audios for a few minutes is all it takes to get back in the game. We all require a moment or two to re-set ourselves and highly successful people get right back in the fray of things because they love the action and excitement. My son taught me that the most fun happens when we are the most uncomfortable. Yes, it may be uncomfortable at first but the sooner we dive in and get going the better the results are going to be.

I encourage you to just get in the pool. Do not wait any longer. Let go of procrastination and just get started. The life of your dreams is waiting for you and the more time you take to ‘test the water’ the more elusive your goals. Just jump in!

Lots of success to you,

Graduation Sample email Template
Graduation are just around the corner.

We have a beautiful graduation sample template.
to obtain the template visit:
NEW: personalized cookie bouquets!

Need a cookie email template? click on the link below to obtain a beautiful email template to forward to your prospects.

Father's Day Cookie sellers


Graduation Smiles Cookie Bouquet

They grow up so fast! Congratulate your graduate with a delicious bouquet of cookies. Our graduation smiles are a great gift to celebrate their special achievement.


All Star Dad Cookie Bouquet

Tell Dad that he is Awesome, Great & "One of a Kind" with a bundle of our famous buttery shortbread cookies, customized with a special message from you.
available 5/28

Happy 's Day Golfer's Paradise Cookie Bouquet

The perfect gift for the Dad who already has a closet full of clubs and funny looking pants. This cookie gift bouquet will fill him up after a day on the greens with hand decorated golf bags, balls and hole markers.

Father's Day Baseball Cookie Bouquet

Celebrate the big game and wish Dad a Happy Father's Day!

Life's a Beach Summer Fun Cookie Bouquet

Life's a Beach with all your Summer favorites. Beach balls, flip flops, tropical drinks and palm tree cookies are the perfect combination to welcome the warm weather.
available 5/28


The Grill Master Cookie Bouquet

For the guy who loves to "man" the grill, here's a great cookie gift for any summer celebration. Full of summer treats it's perfect for Father's Day.
available 5/28

Wish You Were Here Cookie Bouquet

Send warm weather wishes their way with our Wish You Were Here Cookie Bouquet. Colorful t-shirts, fruity drinks, palm trees and the summer sun are sure to put them in a tropical mood.

Father's Day!
Father's Day will be here before you know it!
Take a moment and study your store and see what gift baskets you will be promoting for father's day.
Don't forget to check out the Father's Day Cookie Bouquest!
p.s. sample email templates coming very soon!

Congratulations to The Following Team Members That are Moving Up New Levels!

Silver Gift Directors

Johnnie & Chris Duren
Lisa Martinez
Sr. Gift Directors
Lynn Kemp
Debra Taylor
Harmony Madrid
Sonia Vergel
Brenda Walker
Gail Farley
Niecy Baker
Jennifer Lewis

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June's Contest

3 Piece designer inspired bracelet collection, all set in the finest Sterling Silver finish.


For every 10 new consultants that you enroll from

May 12 thru June 12 you will win 3 Piece designer inspired bracelet collection.


For any 5 new gift items that are purchased from your store from May 12 thru June 12, you will win 3 Piece designer inspired bracelet collection.

You decide how you want to win!

p.s. Men, win this contest for the special lady in your life!

Free & Purchased Leads

Do you have people to talk to? Leads are the lifeblood to this business.

There are many lead source companies who advertise a business opportunity and their business is to collect their information and pass it along to someone who is offering what they are looking for. This allows us the opportunity to purchase lists of people from these lead source companies and contact them to see if they are interested in our opportunity.

Meaning, when you call them, they do not know anything about our company. They are "generic leads". So, it is best to email them information about our company and then call them for an interview. Information such as your website & the start today page.

Note: The more qualified lead (and easiest to talk to) are ones in your warm market or responses to your own advertisement.


Free Leads
Go to these sites and order their free (Business Opportunity) leads!
Once you receive the leads, simply email them information about our "business opportunity" then follow up with them!

FREE 20 Leads For New Customers Only
How to Order Your 20 Free Leads
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Leadpower (10 free leads)

Purchased Leads

This package is excellent for:
* New consultant on a limited advertising budget who needs calling experience
* For the consultant who never can have enough leads

HBB Leads (for beginners)

Google - Internet Lessons
Start Up The Traffic---The Basics of Using Google's AdWords
As you are aware, Google is the hands-down winner in the search engine industry. In a nutshell, they are serving up more search listings than any other search engine in the world. So, as a budding or booming Internet business, you have to know how to use them to your advantage if you are going to grow your business to its potential on the Internet. This email is designed to give you a very brief overview of AdWords and how you can use them to start driving visitors to your store within the next hour or so.
read more...Google Adwords

Free Advertising

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offline advertising
online advertising

Contacting Corporations

Now is the perfect time to approach businesses!
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1st email: Gift Basket Sale (Free Shipping & discounts on selected baskets)
2nd email: : Celebrate Easter - order a special gift basket today
3rd email: Military Gifts for the special people that are serving our country.
4th email (Sample email template) Easter Present for's better than Chocolate!
5th email: Speggtacular savings! save up to 30% off selected gift baskets!

Because we care about you.. 10 Steps to Success

Want to know the secret to growing a great business? Follow these steps and you will be on your way!
10 Steps to Success


More Info: You can also email your prospects more information about our company this informational website.

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Script: script


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Customer are LOVING the free shipping category! We have seen how the free shipping is helping people obtain new customers and we are so thrilled for you!

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NEW: Store features!

We just added three new features to your store.

Feature #1 Send to a friend.
Now if you have a customer browsing thru your site, they can click on any gift and send that gift to a friend. If their friend purchase that gift, you will receive the credit and a customer that can continue purchasing from your site.

So basically once they click on "send to a friend" a form will appear.
The form will ask for their friend name and email address along with a message.

the message will say..
I found this product online that I thought you might be interested in.

Feature #2 Email Shopping List to a Friend

People can now go to your store, select a gift and once they add it to the cart, they can inform their /family that gift they would love to have!

This is a great feature to have more trying to figure out what they really want.

here is the form they will see...

Email Shopping List to a Friend

Friend's Name:
Friend's Email Address:
Message to Friend: Here is my shopping list.
Your Name:
Email Address:

Feature #3 New Consultants can now enroll online thru your store!

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Home Office Deduction

Did you know that simply owning a homebased business you receive HUGE home office deductions?

Here are two great articles that will educate you about why we all need a home based business.

Capitalizing on your Home-Based Business
Home Office Deductions

Welcome to our new consultants!

Adelheid Ash

Adria Johnson

Aida Serrano-Villafane

Alva Scott

Amanda Blakeslee

Amanda Blymire

Amanda Gayer

Amber Kerns

Amy Berlin

Amy Urbanek

Andrea Hicks

Andreanne G.

Angela Dotey

Angie Baker

Ann Morrill

AnnMarie Little

Ashley Roebuck

Barbara Strong

Betina Mclcahy

Brandy Favorite

British Burnett

Britt Blakeley

Caprisa Miles

Carlisa Battles

Carol Aguiar

Cassandra Simmons

Cathy Quinnelly

Cathy Ruiz

Cheryl Rummings

Christina Hermann

Christine Brija

Christine Osborne

Claudia Hasbun

Darlene Debardelben

Dawn Bennett

Dawn David

Dawn McKeown

Deanna Blackwell

Deanna Dorrough

Debbie Johnson

Deborah Douglass

Deborah Reek

Denise Johnson

Diane Shopteau

Donna Held

Emily Morgan

Erica Orona

Fierra Taylor

Gakahna Jackson

Gaylan & Julie Roth

Giovanna Cantone

Gloria Z. Jordan

Hannah Spivey

Holly Rismiller

Inger Douglas

Jaimie Giratas

Jamie King

Jennifer Gross

Jennifer Hecht

Jessica Elliott

Jessica Jones

Julie Butler

Karen Jamison

Kathleen Felts

Kathleen McCarthy

Kelly Hoagland

Kelly Holt

Lasharn Harvey

Lawanda Allouche

Leigh Ann Dean – Jenkins

Lilian McAllister

Linda Gonzales

Lindalee Espy

Lisa Parvin

Loan Tran

Lola Richardson

Loretta Manahan

Loretta Manahan

Lorie Ferguson

Lynn Loren

Margaret Rooks

Marisela Mendoza


Mary Kevan

Michael Rodriguez

Michele Valentino

Nancy Doan

Natalie Milligan

Pamela Payne

Patricia Bumpass

Phoebe Earles

Raymon McGinnis

Regina Millerner

Rhonda Burgess

Roberta Alleyne

Ronda Hyatt

Rosaland Cammack

Sara Hubbard

Shae Cardenas

Shamone Burton

Shannon Jernigan

Shannon Manzella

Sheila Crawford

Sherritha Webb

Steven Oliver

Tammy Markham

Thelma Watkins

Tina Hammonds

Traci Gardner

Tracy Hogan

Vanessa Madrigal

Victor Sarmiento

Victoria Huffman

Willlie Nichols

Rising Stars!
We want to recognize the following team members that have generated sales or referrals. Great JOB! We are so proud of them! We look forward to seeing your name as a Rising Star!

Top consultants in store sales
# 1 Pamela Wilson
#2 Margie Price
#3 Elizabeth Pager
#4 Tammy Center
Tied for 5th

Top consultants for Referral Program
#1 Gail Farley
# 2 Lynn Kemp
Tied for 3rd
Johnnie Duren
Tami Isbell
Julianne Gula
Natasha Farah
Angela Sambrook

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Forum (new category to help you grow your business)

We have a new category on our forum. The new category is named:
Consultants Sharing Marketing Ideas
Please take a moment and jump on the forum and share your ideas with other consultants. The more we share, the more we all grow!
Here is one of our consultants and what she is doing to grow her business!
To read our response or share your ideas visit us at:

Basket of Hope Program - Our website is here!

Our La Bella Basket of Hope website is up and running! A huge thank you to all of the La Bella Consultants for making this program possible. La Bella Baskets of Hope website will be proudly displayed on your marketing site! to view the site visit:

Basket of Hope Program Details
Refer a single mom that is going thru challenges and let us send a basket of hope to her front door. click here for details.

Consultants Testimonials

Want to be listed on our consultant website? send us your bio! This is great way to brand your name.
To submit your picture and bio please email Janis at:

Sample of our site:

La Bella Baskets