How to Start a Facebook Fan Page  - Video #1

Step #1   Go to and open a free personal account
              Once you open a personal account you can then go and create a fan page by visiting:
Step #2 Pick a Category  we recommend:  Category: Artist, Bank or Public Figure
Step #3  Upload your picture 
Step #4  Select the Admin panel (start adding information about you)
Step #5  Select Edit your settings  (here you can select who can view your fan page i.e. friends/family/ everyone)
Step #6  Add keywords so people can find you. (more on next video)
Step #7 Add cover to your fan page (browse through our cover)
    You can also create a cover at:   851x315
    Pleasae note that the cover cannot list your website name
Step #8  Add profile picture for your fan page
Step #9   TABS  & Apps (advance strategy) will cover later
Start posting!  (more on that topic)

Labella Baskets Optimizing Your Facebook Page- Part 1   (Video #2)

Labella Baskets Optimizing Facebook Fan Page- Part 2  - (Video #3)

Labella Baskets Training- Your First 25 Facebook Fans    (Video #4)

This short video will get you off to a great start by showing you the importance of fans and getting your first 25. 

With 25 fans you can secure your vanity URL and get insights about who your fans are and what posts they like and are engaging with and what time of day.

1. Login to Facebook:
2. Unhide your Admin Panel (top right)
3. Scroll to Page Tips (bottom right of admin panel)
4. Follow directions on how to upload a CSV file or input your username and password of your selected email client (ie Hotmail, yahoo, gmail, etc.)
5. Email your list that you would like to invite them to Like your new page! 

p.s. you can also ask consultants to like your page but their postings will show up on your newsfeed.  Keep in mind if  they like your page, every time they post, it will appear in your newsfeed.  Here is a simple way to still get consultants to like your page but it won't show up on your newsfeed. go here

Labella Baskets Getting Facebook Fans Posting As Your Page  (Video #5)

Labella Baskets Getting Fans By Joining Groups    (Video #6)

How to get more fans using compeititors pages     (Video #7)
i.e. 1800 flowers (or anyone in our nitch market).

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Start Sharing On Facebook!
Just set up your fan page and spend 15-20 minutes a day networking.
You can network from the comfort of your home!

To set up a fan page watch videos 1 - 3.
The rest of the videos will teach you how  to get fans, what to post, how to join groups, how to  find your target market and start networking online!
Facebook 101 - Hosted by Mary Strauss
Step #1 (Listen to audio below)

  • Watch video on how to use the Facebook Graph Search to find free leads

  • Watch video on how Mary puts her friends into certain groups and send out posts to certain groups.

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