Are you maybe interested in doing a La Bella Baskets Virtual Social but really don’t want to invite people over?  Your schedule is crazy? You don’t want to clean?! Whatever the reason, how about a virtual gift social! Yes, you can do a La Bella Gift Social online!

We strongly believe that group interaction is the best way to book more gift socials and of course allow conversations about people joining your team and purchasing gifts for them or their loved ones. However in this day and age, social media is something that all direct sales consultants use in conjunction with the traditional party planning platform. Social media allows for more chances to bond with your teams, stay in contact with customers and even add virtual parties to your 2-4 gift socials you can  have on your calendar.

Social Media has allowed more and more consultants to become very successful in party planning when having traditional social option was their only option. Direct Sales is an amazing business and allows people of all walks of life conduct their business according to what works in their life. More and more consultants are conducting Facebook  virtual Gift Socials to their calendar and having great successOf course, we don’t believe that anyone should have only Facebook events instead of Gift Socials.   We see that the fastest way to build sales right away is by doing the traditional Gift Socials.

How it works:​

1.    Guests get comfortable with their jammies
2.    They Grab their favorite beverage
3.    They Grab pen and pencil for notes
4.    They  login to Facebook at the specific time.
5.    They Play games,win prizes, shop online.
6.    They Have fun!

Optional: You  can also add in a Google+ Hangout, and make it a video party call!

How To Start A  Facebook Virtual Party:

1.  Set up a Facebook Event.  We  strongly suggest making these events private, letting people know that they are by invitation only and then letting people know that if they want an invite to private message you.  

2. You can create virtual gift socials and make yourself the hostess for your event or you can find people that you know to host one with you. If you have a friend or customer who is the hostess, be sure to print a  catalog and order forms so they can collect orders from people who may not be able to attend the event or who do not have Facebook.

3. There's a couple of ways to do a Facebook event. You can keep it open where people comment in the event during a period of time such as a week or you can do an online event night where the event will take place for 3-4 hours. All guests will jump onto Facebook and spend time online in the event.

4. During the event, you as the consultant would hang out in the event. You can offer free LBB memberships during the hour, play games, post prizes for anyone that orders during a particular hour. There are a variety of things to do. You can post pictures of gifts.  (see samples below).   The key is to find people who are already very active on Facebook and have lots of friends who are very active on Facebook too!

5. You can still conduct an Online Facebook Gift Social the same way you would do a traditional Gift Social.   You can tell a little bit about about yourself, posting it in the event. Type a little bit about the company, and then make sure you post information about the opportunity..  Or, if they rather become just a host, that is fine too!   You help them set up their virtual gift social by tapping into their friends and they get a percentage of the sales.  

6. For anyone that makes an online order, send a personal Facebook message to the guess thanking them for their order, providing tips on how to use the product they just bought, and asking their permission to add the guest to your contact manager. In the event,  we highly suggest posting who just placed an order and announcing a small gift they received for doing so. By starting your  message with a value piece, you will engage guest, even though it’s virtual. If they do have a question, they now know how to contact you.

7. Post tips and ideas just as you would at an offline Gift Social. Make jokes. Let people start having fun. Even though this is virtual, you can create a dialogue that is very easy to get people laughing and enjoying themselves.

8. Be sure to send follow up emails to every guest whether they order or not. This is a great way to being a relationship with customers. You can let them know when the next Facebook Gift Social will be and really start a friendship . By doing this you will create loyal customers that could be around the country.

9. The best way to have these socials is to let people know that a name will be drawn from all the ordering customers. The drawn name will be considered the hostess and will earn all the hostess rewards for that party. How amazing. Someone will earn free and half priced stuff from their favorite company and they never had to leave the comfort of their home office. You simple help them with their questions, give them the party link to shop  and then whose ever name you draw becomes the hostess and gets to decide what they want free.

Facebook virtual gift socials are a great way to add additional sales for the month to your business. These are great if you are having a slow month or need to get more interaction. Tons of people have a night where they aren’t doing anything but can’t necessarily venture out to a home party. Why not offer a virtual party where they can still buy their favorite goodies and help them become a gift consultant or simply host an event and earn commission on that event!

Below are photos and sample posts for your event.  Save the photos to your computer and have them ready so you can share them at your virtual gift social!
(to view picture, click on each photo)

Pin Post till party begins: 
Thank you to everyone who has already arrived. Please take a minute to read the Event info above. I want to make sure you all know what type of Facebook party I throw. I keep it VERY MUCH like a home party as possible.  It will be fun, fast paced and we will have door prizes the night of the party. You will start seeing posts from me (besides this one) about 3 days before to remind you all to RSVP to this event. It is a PRIVATE event and all unanswered invites will be deleted. Make sure to respond. Keep an eye on the page and see you all soon.

1. Here is your link for online shopping for those that can't come..  You can start collecting orders now if you like   (INSERT YOUR WEBSITE LINK ) 

2.I sent you an invite.  Now when you accept I will make you the host. you can start inviting. It is important to not only invite them with the invite tool but to invite them personally. people now a days get so many event requests they tend to ignore them... so make them feel special and message or call them individually! :)   (((FACEBOOK URL FOR THE EVENT)

Event Details
Yeah!!! So excited to host a FACEBOOK LA BELLA GIFT SOCIAL!! And I want you to be there with me!!! It is going be 60 minutes of non-stop fun!! Games, lots of product ideas and demos and this month’s NEW gifts!!! All brought to you by your consultant  (NAME).

So grab a beverage, slip on your pj's and comfy socks, and get ready for a party right from home!!! This will be just like a home party, only we will all be in our own homes.

Can't wait to "see" you there!! It’s gonna be a blast!!
If you'd like to browse the catalog in advance or if you are unable to attend at the party time, please feel free to visit my website 
(((your website  )) 

EVENT LOCATION: Right there where you're sitting!

1 week prior
Hi everyone! My name is _______________. I will be your consultant for our event next week. I can't wait to meet all of you. I just want to make a quick reminder that it is important to RSVP (click join) this event since it will become a PRIVATE event and you will not be able to see or attend it. This event will be JUST like a GIFT SOCIAL. 1 hour of fast paced fun with games and a door prize. They have been so much fun! So go over and click JOIN now to let us know you are coming and help us with a head count.

 If you'd like to browse the catalog in advance or if you are unable to attend at the party time, please feel free to visit my website 

5 Days Out post: facebook graphic
Stay tuned daily for a bit more fun and excitement as we approach our party day!!!

3 or 4 Days Out: Party in PJS graphic
We're going to have LOTS of fun with our virtual gift party! Please come join the fun!!!

2 Days out- Post photo: Keep calm La Bella Gift Social Coming Soon
Just 2 more days until our virtual party! There will be games, demos and lots of fun!! Don't forget to RSVP!

1 Day Out- Post : What You’ll Need
Don’t forget to RSVP! Those that don’t RSVP will be removed before the event begins! 60 minutes of FUN happens TOMORROW night! You don’t want to miss it!

Post:  Early in the day, day of the party:
Hey everyone! Tonight's the night!!! We are just a few hours away!!! Wondering what to expect?? Here’s how it works tonight…it’ll be in four parts, each about 10-15 minutes long. Simple, Fast & Fun! (See y'all at 7:00pm EST, 6:00 PM CST, 5:00 pm MST, 4:00 PM PST!!!)

3 hours before: Post Photo
3 more hours to RSVP and then all unanswered invites will be remo

Post Photo:  Tonight's the Night!
Hey everyone! Tonight's the night!!! It’s almost time!!! Wondering what to expect?? Here’s how it works tonight…it’ll be in four parts, each about 5-7 minutes long. (each about 10-15 minutes long. (See y'all at 8pm EST, 7pm CST, 6pm MST, 5pm PST!!!)
Part 1 ~ Hey, Hello, and How Are You?
Part 2 ~ What’s Hot!!
Part 3 ~ Screen Shopping
Part 4 ~ Drawing & More Fun!

Post: Message for the Hostess (if you have a hostess If you are doing your own virtural party, please check with  your guest if they are attending).
ATTENTION HOSTESS,. if you could please check with all your guests individually. Make sure they know we are currently getting ready to do  a La Bella Gift Social and  to RSVP ASAP ;) 

Post Photo:  2 hours before the party:
Just 2 hours away!! I  cannot wait for all of the fun we are going to have! I’m ready to get this party started!!

1 hour before: Post Photo
And we are officially on Private Invite Only Party Mode! If anyone wants to join us tonight they must get a private invite from your host... so let us know!!!

Post Photo:  1 hour before the party:
ATTENTION GIFT  SHOPPERS!!! Join us back here at 7:00pm to get in on all the great gift products!

Post Your Favorite Gift: 30 minutes before the party.
My friends are ready to party….what about you?! Post your favorite gift?  These are perfect gifts for children. They will love seeing their name!  (enter more details about your favorite gift)  Engraving is always FREE!

Post Photo - 15 minutes before the party:
1.People are starting to arrive. Take a seat, look around and make yourself comfortable.  
2. La Bella Baskets & Gifts really keeps things fun! 

Post Photo: 5 Minute Timer – 5 minutes before party:
 It's almost party time!!!!!!! 5 minutes!

Post:  3 minutes before party: 

Post Photos of Warm
Socks, Hot Drinks – 3 minutes before party:
Comfy Socks ---- check! Drink ---- check! Blanket ---- check! Almost time!

 2 minute before party:
There’s 2 Minutes until Party Time!
Post  the celebration video

00: Welcome & Contest
Alright everyone, it’s finally PAR-TAY time!! Thanks so much for meeting us back here. I promise a fun, fast, and fabulous way to shop!   

Here’s how it works tonight…it’ll be in four parts, each about 5 minutes long. Make sure you are talking o us…via comment. This is an interactive….PAR-TAY!!!

First I would like you to take a minute and message me your name/email address so I can add you to our company gift basket  drawing.   You could be the winner of a FREE $100.00 gift basket of your choice!!

Part 1- Post Photo: Roll Call
1.Okay, everyone thanks for joining us tonight!! ROLL CALL!!!! Who's in their PJs & ready to learn all about La Bella Baskets & Gifts? Just comment with a chirp, chip, Comment with a 
Chirp, Chirp, Hola or Yee Haw!
Whatever fits  you. Go!

Part 2 – Share About The Company & A Little About You
Our company got started in 2009.   Our mission is to bring joy, happiness into people's lives.    It's not just a statement, we live it everyday!  We also believe  that every gift has a purpose, and our purpose is to give back. This is why we have chosen to give to single moms nationwide. I'm proud to be in this business and I love it.
I'm grateful for this business. It is giving me an opportunity to be at home with my family.  (share the reason why your with La Bella Baskets & Gifts !).  Be sincere and authentic).  

 Part 3 – Share The Gifts
Okay, everyone… In a moment we’re going to dive right in to the gifts.   This is my favorite part!!! So get comfy and let’s check out what’s HOT in La Bella Baskets & Gifts!  

 I’m going to post some pictures with detailed info. Check it all out, then ask whatever questions you have in the comments below each (remember “likes” & comments are worth entries).  Refresh this page often to make sure you see everything!

Part 4 - Become a Gift Consultant And Get Paid On All Your Personal Gifts/Sales.
Or Host A Gift Social (I'll do the work) AND you receive commission and earn free gifts from my entire site!

Let's get Started!

Post: Pen  and Paper Photo
 If you need to, grab a pen and paper and jot down things you want to remember - either to order or to ask me about, ok?

Post:    Photo of Plantable Greeting Cards 
We sell this card like crazy!  It's a  unique greeting cards.  Each card is embedded with a colorful array of wildflower seeds or flowers!. The recipient can plant the card in the ground and watch it grow. Same costs of a regular card and it's eco friendly.  Box of 4 cards with different designs.  So basically for the same price of a card, you now get flowers too!
Don't just say word, grow them!  Price:  Same as a regular card!

​Post: Photo of Gift Basket
Gift Baskets are always the perfect gift.  We carry over 400 gift baskets for all occasions.  My favorite are the spa gift baskets, baby gift baskets, wedding baskets (then share why).
Shipping prices are fantastic!  For example, if you would go and take a gift basket and have it shipped, it would cost you over $20.00.  It's nothing  like that with our company!

Post:  Photo of Sterling Silver Charms
We carry HUNDREDS of affordable   sterling silver charms.  These charms will last forever and they can be given down to generations to generations
Every charm tells your memories, moments and milestones. 
For me, I'm a stay at home mom.  Family is important to me.  I love the beach and I have two kids.  One is in football and my daughter loves cheerleading.   So my charms that tell my story would be:  Family charm,  The Sun, Cheerleading and Football charm.  I can build this bracelet and give it to my daughter for her to keep.  Sterling silver charms start at $11.00 each!  sooo affordable.

Here is how you can build a bracelet, necklace or earrings to pass along for generations to come.

Post  Photo of Crystal Bracelet/w free INSPIRATIONAL CHARM!
We also carry Genuine Swarovski Birthstone Crystal Bracelet .
You pick your birthstone
Then you pick your free sterling silver inspirational charm.  (over 36 charms to choose from).
This gift is also a gift is also a family heirloom.

Post:  While I am sharing our beautiful gifts, feel free to make any comments

Give Away Time:
Ok  the first person to message me, will win a sterling silver charm.... 
WAHOOO   Lisa won a sterling silver charm!

Post Pic:  LBB Savers Club
 Ok everyone, next up – LBB Savers Club membership
Did you know that La Bella Baskets & Gifts has a savers club.  You get to save 20% off the entire store 24/7.  Plus, you get tons of savings on grocery coupons and cash back from major stores.  

Post Photos : Candle of the Month
Did you know, La Bella Baskets & Gifts also carry candles!  (and personalized candles too)

Post Photo:  Flower bouquets
Here are some pics of our beautiful flowers.    
We also carry some plants and sympathy flowers.   Which one is your favorite?

​If you’re looking for great gifts for Teacher Appreciation, End of School Year, Mother’s Day, Easter, Father's Day, graduations, weddings, showers, babies, housewarmings, or other special occasions, La Bella Baskets & Gifts has tremendous options. All personalization is FREE. My favorite is the NEW Baseball Kids Canvas. You can add your kid's name to the baseball canvas. Everyone loves to see their name in print and so will your child! 

(any feedback/conversation about our free personalization?)

If you take a picture of your slippers and post them here on the event page I will pick the best one!!! Who knows what your slippers can bring you!

Answer Questions & Sales
Alright everyone, you have seen some of our gifts.  Write down who's birthday is coming up and what kinds of gift your looking for.

(((  post link to shop)))

I have some great deals
Deal # 1
Post Video: Earn Income 
The best thing La Bella Baskets & Gifts  has to offer is this incredible business opportunity. I have been with La Bella Baskets for _______. ! 

I’m able to plan my work around my family’s schedule! Maybe La Bella Baskets & Gifts can do that for you too. 

You can own your own online gift boutique
For only  $24.95 a month.  You can start your own online store in 30 seconds.  

Once you  enroll, you can get paid on your personal gifts or you can also host virtual gift socials and earn income with gifts too!

GAME TIME!!! We’re going to play a quick game – you can ask me anything you want about being a La Bella Baskets & Gifts consultant - Just ask your questions in the comments below and I’ll do my best to answer.

Deal #2:
Ok make sure to check out the free shipping  for the gift baskets!  Just go to the (((INSERT WEBSITE)))  and select Shop,  Gift Baskets. On the left side select ' Free Shipping".

Deal #3:
I have some specials tonight.  (share are any company specials)
1. Everyone that places an order today, will get a free LBB Savers club memberships.  You get 20% off my entire store for a year!

2.If you schedule a FACEBOOK VIRTUAL GIFT SOCIAL  tonight, you will receive a personal gift from me.  

Post:   Ordering Instructions, and Pin to the top of the event:
 Here’s how to place your order when you’re ready: Message me or email (EMAIL ADDRESS) or you can order directly on   ((((your url)   and start shopping.  
I will stay online after the “official” party is done to answer more questions. 

Post Photo:  Enter To Win Gift Basket Drawing 

Part 4
​Okay everyone, if you had fun with this I want to let you in on the secret to getting your La Bella Baskets & Gifts for Free!! Hosting your own La Bella Gift Social.  Or, join my team and earn income anytime you sell or send personal gifts!  On an  average host earns about ***$60 on up in free gifts!

POST:  Thank you so much for being a part of my official Virtual La Bella Gift Social! I’ll be online until at least 10pm – feel free to message me any questions, or email me at EMAIL ADRESS .  Be careful driving home…. Oh wait you are home!!! Thank you and Good night!! oxoxo

Private Message to All Participants with thank you plantable greeting card picture – after the party
I just wanted to thank you all again for your support with our Facebook Party last night! 
By popular demand, I still taking questions.  I will be online off and on most of the rest of today and tomorrow for you to ask questions and place your orders. 

Post 5 Days Out post: facebook graphic
3 or 4 Days Out: Party in PJS graphic
Post:  Early in the day, day of the party:
2 hours before: Post Photo
1 hour before: Post Photo
Post Your Favorite Gift: 30 minutes before the party.
Post Photo - 15 minutes before the party:
Post Photo: 5 Minute Timer – 5 minutes before party:
Post:  3 minutes before party:
Post the celebration video  2 minutes before the party!
Post Plantable Greeting Card
Tranquil Delights Bath and Body Gift Set.  This luxurious embossed container features Nourishing Lavender bath products, aromatherapy potpourri, exfoliating sponges and more for a truly pampered gift that is the perfect gift for anyone, anytime.
Describe charms - 100% sterling silver.  Pass along for generations to come.
What's your story?
candle of the Month Club
Personalized Candles (great for weddings).
Personalized Candles Designs
Send to all guests after the party ends.


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