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Consultant Support 
9:00 AM Est - 5:00 PM CST
You may reach us during these hours at: 
Direct Consultant Support Line: 212-234-2969
To submit a support ticket, see below 

Banking and Credit Support
Banking and Credit (to update credit card or cancel)
9-3 EST M-F 212-234-2969
You can also update your account information online. click here 
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Personalized Gifts Support  
Direct Personalized Gift Support 
9-3 EST M-F 212-234-2969
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Cancellation Request

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To submit a support ticket:

Please visit and on the upper right hand corner, select "MEMBER LOGIN"

Enter your Username/ID#  

Enter your Password. (if you forgot your password, click on "forgot password")

This will login you in to the back office.

Once you login, under the Main Menu Select:
a. Company Related 
b. Next, Select: Company Contact
c. Select Department You Wish To Contact 

  * Consultant Support
  * Payroll (questions regarding your commission)
  * Banking and Credit (to update credit card or cancel)
  * Custom Gifts (any questions regarding personalized gifts)

Your support ticket will be answered in one business day.


Customer Support
8am - 5pm EST M-F

Banking and Credit
9-3 EST. M-F
 Direct number: 212-234-2969

Custom Gifts
9-3 EST  M-F
 Direct number: 212-234-2969


 Facebook Group Support


​ FAQ's

 How much income do I make from LBB Savers Club?
LBB Savers Club Membership is a yearly membership fee of $9.95 . All LBB consultants will earn 30% of the successfully drafted membership fee. The sales volume generated from this membership is only included in the sponsoring consultants Team Sales Volume.

 How much income do I make from a Candle of the Month Membership?
The Candle of the Month is $19.99 . The sponsoring consultant earns a continuing referral fee of 30% for every successful draft of the membership fee.

Team Building Program
 Do I receive residual income from my front line consultants?
Yes, you will receive 30% commission from consultants that you personally enroll on your front line.

Payroll Questions
 When will I get paid?

* Your commission from the 1st to the 15th will be paid on the last day of the month.
* Your commission from the 16th - 30th will be on the 15th of the following month.
Direct deposit is available.

Gift Baskets
 Do we deliver chocolate gift baskets in the summertime?
In the summer months, Chocolate Gift Baskets are removed from our store until the weather gets cooler. Usually, by late September, the chocolate gifts become available again. Gift baskets that contain a few chocolate items are replaced with individually wrapped chocolates, hard candies or cookies. This all depends on what fits the basket the best.

 Are raffles permitted?
Here at LBB we do not allow any Raffles that have our name and the consultant charges and collects money on.

 There are state laws and many states require a license.

 The application for the raffle license may be required by the state, county or city government. Sometimes organizations must file with the state and local government and most applications require a fee.

 Each state also has different requirements about the organizations that are allowed to hold a raffle and the manner in which it is conducted.

 So any dealings with raffles La Bella Baskets cannot be responsible and our name cannot be given out.

What we do allow is : if you donate a basket and a licensed non profit organization or company is selling the raffles with their name and they are collecting the money.

 How do the fundraisers work?
For more information about fundraisers visit:

 Can I Sell La Bella Baskets Gifts on Ebay or Amazon?
If you are an active consultant, selling on eBay or Amazon is a violation of your independent consultant contract with LBB.

La Bella Baskets will only be liable for ALL the items sold/purchased directly from our own La Bella Baskets Online Website Store.

Back Office
 How do I login to the back office?

on the upper right hand corner, select "CONSULTANTS LOGIN".

 The newsletter is being sent to my old email address. How do I change it?
When you receive our newsletters, simply scroll down and you will see the "unsubscribe/change " link. Click on that link to update your information. :-)

How do I submit a cancellation request
To cancel email:

Can a gift basket be shipped overnight?
Contact us for a price quote for shipping a gift basket overnight. Please note that the cost of shipping a large box overnight is expensive (usually $45-65).

  Most of the customers are thrilled that we offer $12.95 shipping. It's an incredible price to have their gift baskets delivered.

LBB does not market directly to consumers?
LBB does not market directly to consumers. Your customer remains your customer. There are no links to another site nor do we send any type of solicitation to the recipient. And with our commission structure, the largest percentage of profits remain in your pocket.

General Questions About LBB
 Is La Bella Baskets A MLM (Multi Level Marketing Company)?

No, LBB is NOT a Multi-Level Marketing company nor anything similar to it. We have our Referral Rewards program. Even though this program pays residuals, it only goes down (1) Level, which is very much different than MLM's, which go down several levels. Our program is no different than traditional corporations that reward area managers by giving them a percentage of their regional offices and local offices, in which they actively help establish and/or build. LBB is product driven with commissions for product sales but rewards the consultants for sharing the opportunity with others, which makes us very different than direct selling companies who DO NOT reward their members a monthly residual mentoring bonus at all.