Dare to Care


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Dare to Care

If you are currently working on the team building program, we know how rewarding it is to share the opportunity with others.
Not only are you building a great business for you and your family but you will also be giving people the greatest gift of owning their own gift basket and flower business.

To grow a successful thriving team,  please take a look at La Bella Baskets "Dare to Care Heartfelt  Rules".  We believe that every consultant that joins La Bella Baskets  (no matter who they are or where they come from) should be made to feel that they are important and that they matter. 

When you follow these simple rules, you will see your business blossom and grow to new levels.

La Bella Baskets Dare To Care (5 Heartfelt Rules)


1. Stay on contact with your consultants

For new consultants: Give them a quick call the day he/she enrolls to welcome them onboard. Be excited for them!

For existing consultants: Place your new consultants email address in your address book and call or email them every week. Remember, this is what will establish your relationship with your consultants. If you don't reach out to your consultants, the message that you are sending is that you don't care. People will only want to do business with people that care about them.


2. Guide & Train Your Consultants

For new consultants:

a. Make sure your consultant knows how to login to the training website and knows how to login to the back office.

b Make sure your new consultant attend a live orientation call so he/she can get their questions answered.

c. Make sure you go to our LBB facebook community at and on the upper right hand corner click on SEND AN INVITE.  Enter their email address so they can receive a special invite.

   Our facebook community url is: https://www.facebook.com/groups/485734128151444/

For existing consultants:

Make sure they are plugged into the training calls and make sure they are informed about any promotions/contest.


3. Don't Be Afraid To Lead. You were born to lead.

Be accountable, be responsible and your team will trust and follow you. They will even help you build your dream because they trust you.


4. Give Encouragement often.

We believe that hope is more powerful than hype. Use lots of positive reinforcement often. Celebrate everything they do. Always praise a person when you see improvement. Remember, most people never receive praises and they should be praised and recognized by you.

Important, make sure you send congrats
to your team members everytime they:
*  Enroll a team member
*  Sell a gift
*  Sell a membership    more details


5. Care about your consultants and be there for them.

It doesn't matter if your brand new or have never lead a team. People don't care how much you know. Together you can earn and grow. Always remember, what they care the most is that you care.

Dare to care and watch your business grow.


Love and success,

Janis & Mia