La Bella Baskets New Marketing/ 
Contact management System

Calendar & Task List
This is a great feature.  Here you can login to your back office and enter any reminders.  The reminders will  be  sent to your email box.

Also, if you are talking to a prospect and your prospect wants you to call them back two days later.  You can do a search for their name in your back office.  Next, click on "schedule a call".  A calendar will appear and you selecte the time and date and click on "save".    Then on that day, the system will send you a reminder to call that prospect!
The system will come with  Eight lead capture pages

1 lead capture page for:  LBB Savers (general)
1 lead capture page for:  LBB Savers  ( companies)
1 lead capture page for:  Gift Basket Drawing  (great to capture leads for your gifts)
1 lead capture page for:  Moms  (great page for people that want to target moms).
1 lead capture page for:  Opportunity (Men)
1 lead capture page for:  Opportunity (Women)

Below are the features explained in details:

Email Autoresponders

The system will come with build in autoresponders.  

For example, if a prospect sees your  LBB Savers  Club lead capture page and a submits  their information, the system will then send them email about the LBB Savers program on your behalf!

Group Email Broadcasting
The system will come with a series of pre-written emails that you can send out to:
*  Gift Basket Drawing participants
*  LBB Savers Corporations
*  LBB Savers
*  LBB Mom 
*  LBB Opportunity
Phone Script
When you login to your back office, you can do a seach for a contact.  Next to the contact's name, you will be able to click on CALL.
Next, a script will pop up.  The script will also be personalized!

For example, if your prospect's name is Sally,
The Script that will pop up will say...

Hello Sally, This is YOUR NAME, etc. etc.

Follow-up Email Messages
After you speak to a prospect, go to your back office and do a seach for their name.   Once their name appears, select   'SEND EMAIL" . You will then see a list of  follow-up email messages that have been written for you. You simple select a follow-up message and click on send.  

sample of follow-up email message:
subject line:  It was nice talking to you today  sent on day 0.

Online Contact Manager
Login to your back office and on the home page, you will be able to select on the tab,  "Your contacts".   Here you will be able to see New Leads, Today's Activities
We are going to be using Focal point for our marketing/ contact management system.  Focal point is a  professional automated  system that will help you promote the gifts  and opportunity and then  follow-up with your prospects.   The system is pre-loaded  ready to go with ALL of their integrated tools and features in place with just one click!

We are confident that with this new system, it will help you and your team capture more leads and help you maximizes your results.  

They were generous enough to offer their system their system 30 days FREE. So sign up for it and give it a spin.  

Refer 3 and it's FREE:
They also offered us a "refer 3 and its' free". So if you enroll 3 team members  and they sign up for the Focal Point System,  you will get  the marketing system for free.

We know that many of you have the Focal Point System at no cost simply because of the wonderful "refer 3 and it's free program". :-)     The 3 referrals must be "active and paid referrals".

Email Notifications
The instant text message is amazing!

Everytime someone fill out the information on any of your landing pages, you can receive their information straight to phone.  
The 800# and live chat is optional.
If you want these two features, the system is then $34.95 a month.
Marketing System
Focal Point