La Bella Baskets 
Monthly Gift Basket Drawing

1st method (for people that do not have Focal Point( watch webinar)

You can share a generic website. (see website below).   Once you receive requests from people wanting to enter the drawing,  simple go to the website below and enter their information and that's it!  The drawing form will come straight to LBB and they will automatically be entered into the drawing!

pros:  it's free

cons:  you have to manually enter your customers information into the drawing. There are no autoresponders.

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Below is the website you will be sharing
 using the 1st method.

generic page url 
2nd method  - For people that HAVE Focal Point (watch webinar)

You can sign up for our Focal Point System. When you sign up for the Focal Point System, it will automatically comes with the gift basket drawing landing page below. (see landing page below).

People simply fill out the form that is on the landing page.  The system will then send you an email  that someone filled out the form.   Kindly forward the drawing request to LBB so they can add them to the gift basket drawing at

Next,  the Focal Point system will start sending emails on your behalf.  The system will also put all those leads into a category named:   "gift baskets leads".  This way you  can send an email blast  to all your gift basket drawing leads informing them of sales or new gifts that just arrived! 

Click on the picture below to view 
the Gift Basket Landing Page

pros:  It automates your business and it save you alot of work!

pros:  it comes with  prewritten emails  and templates so you don't have to worry about creating emails or templates.

cons:  the Focal Point system is not free but it's affordable.  The first 30 days is free (so I would sign up for it and give it a spin).  
It also comes with a refer 3 and it's free program.  For more details visit:  
Focal Point System


How Do You Start Building Customers With No Advertising Cost?

Use our free gift basket drawing that LBB gives out every month. The drawing will help you collect lots of leads. Once you collect leads,  use our simple email to offer them about discounts, free shipping or sales from your store!

It's easy and it works!  People LOVE to enter drawings and you build a large customer list.   

There are two ways you can use this free advertising method. Please read the two methods below so you can determine which method is good for you.