Find a hostess/host and let them know that by hosting a Gift Social they will be able to earn:

• FREE gifts from your entire store.  Sterling silver charms too!
• FREE LBB Saver Club membership for an entire years!

Finding a hostess will be easy to do because everyone would love to send wedding gifts, birthday gifts, anniversary gifts and holidays gifts for FREE!  

Tips on how to find a hostess/host?
  • Ask people that you know if they want to earn free gifts. 
  • Do you know someone that is getting married? give them the opportunity to earn FREE wedding gifts!
  • Post on Social Media sites our Hostess banner (see below)
  • Send email to people that had inquired about the business but did not enroll.  This is a great way for them to see the gifts before they join.

Once you find a hostess/host, ask them if they want to do a Traditional Gift Gatheringl or a virtual Gift Social.   Traditional gift socials are always the best since people will be able to view the gifts in person!​ 

How do you reward the hostess/hosts?

* You simply offer them a percentage of your sales.

For example:

  • If you are at 20% commission offer them 10%.
  • If you are at 30% offer them 15%. It is solely up to you how much you want to offer them.

Once the Gift Social is done and orders placed on your website,  follow these three simple steps:

#1.  Tally up the sales (not including taxes and shipping). You will now reward the hostess/host with a CREDIT.

How To Identify Orders For Each Hostess or Host
Set up a host code preferably the hostess / host name ( keep it simple) and with each order that name should be placed in the field in the shopping cart called Fundraiser / Social Code______so you know that each order that came in with that code you know the credit will go to that hostess/host.

Once the orders are processed you can view the codes on the orders in your back office under invoices. Once you open the invoices to your orders you will see the codes there.

How much can a hostess earn?
For example their gift party made $500. The hostess will earn whatever percentages you agreed to offer them.

  • If you offer them 10% they will get a $50 credit reward.
  • If you offer them 15% they will get $75 credit reward.

#2.  Once you let the hostess/host know the amount they have earned, give them your website and have them select the gift(s) that they like. This must include shipping and taxes.

#3. You place the gift(s)  using your credit card for them.  The gift(s) will be sent directly to the Hostess / Host.

Once you place their order on your website you now earn commission on the gift(s) you just placed as well! Isn’t that great!

After the orders are placed, make sure to give them a free LBB Savers club membership!
For information about the free membership visit:

NOTE:  Most hostess/hosts are great people to ask to join your team!  
They can start their own gift business for $1.00 the first month and then $24.95 a month thereafter.  Once they become a gift consultant they will  enjoy 20% commission on their gift sales, earn bonuses and residual income!  

Hostess Package
*  Print Join My Team Flyers
*  Print Compensation  Plan 
*  Print Hostess Flyer  (see below)