La Bella Baskets Scented Jewels

Q & A

A.  You may get a pair of earrings, a pendant, a necklace, a bracelet or a ring. You never know what you are going to get that is the nice secret until you burn the wax down and your jewel is revealed! The jewelry that you get will be worth somewhere between $10 and $7500. From time to time we will actually show you the fine jewelry that we will be putting in the candles on that particular month so keep an eye out on our website and facebook page to keep up with the going on's of  La Bella Baskets & Gifts!

Q. Can consultants receive commission on their gifts?
A. Absolutely!  You WILL always receive commission on your personal gifts, simply login to your back office.
 select "Ordering" 
 Then select Gifts Baskets or Personalized Gifts.

All Jewel Scented Line Commission Is As Follows:  Receive a flat rate of 30% Commission on all personal and retail customer orders.

Any coupons that will be applied, all consultants will earn 30% commission after the discount has been deducted from the retail price not including Shipping and Tax.

Commission For All Other Gifts Are As Follows:
Your commission is the level that you are currently at. For example.  
If you are a Gift Director your commission is 20%
If you are a Sr. Gift Director your commission is 22%
If you are a Exec. Sr. Gift Director your commission is 24%
If you are a Exec.  Silver Gift Director your commission is 28%
If you are a Gold Gift Director your commission is 30%
If you are a Exec. Gold Gift Director your commission is 32%
If you are a Diamond Gift Director your commission is 37%
If you are a Exec. Diamond Gift Director your commission is 40%

Commission for LBB Savers Club
Any La Bella Scented Jewel Items purchased with the LBB Savers Club
The LBB Savers Club customer will receive a 10% off Discount
Consultant will receive a 15% earn commission 
Enroller a 5% earn commission 

Q. How much do I make per candle that I sell as a rep?
A. You make 30% which is $7.48 per candle.  

Q. Are  La Bella  Baskets Scented Jewels easy or hard to sell?
A. The answer to this question is simple... if you truly believe in and love La Bella Baskets Scented Jewels and candles are something you are passionate about, then that will show on your customers and it will be very easy for you to sell them. You need to believe in and be truly passionate about things you decide to sell for you to be good at selling them. Just like doggies can sense fear from someone, potential customers can see if a rep is passionate about the product their selling and if that potential customer see's how much you love the product, they will want to purchase it so they can enjoy the product too! If you are outgoing, not shy and love talking to people then there's a great chance you would do VERY well selling  La Bella Baskets Scented Jewels!

Q. Are there a lot of people in my area selling these candles? I've never heard of em' till now!
A. Most likely you are going to be one of the very first people in your area selling our La Bella Baskets Scented Jewels  because the concept is very new! This means that there is a HUGE opportunity for your to capitalize on your city or town where you live because there's a good chance you're one of the first people in your area to hear about La Bella Baskets Scented Jewels! This means that EVERYONE in your area is a potential customer so the sooner you get started selling, the quicker you can have a steady customer base that comes back to you over and over again to purchase their La Bella Baskets Scented Jewels!

Q. How am I allowed to market and sell the Jewelry Candles?
A. You may be as creative as you want to be in doing your sales. You may do home parties, catalog sales, fairs, all kind of creative ways that you can think of. Most of our consultants have their most success showing off the catalog and organizing home parties. You may go here to get more ideas for promoting your Jewelry Candles business.

Q. What if a customer pays with a check or cash how do I get my commissions?
A. If paid by check or cash just keep your commissions.  Then go to your website to place their order with your card information.  

Q. Do I make money from people that I recruit to sell for  La Bella Baskets Scented Jewels?
A. Yes you do!  Building a team is a great way to create leverage.  View build a team

Q. How long do I tell my customers they need to wait in order to receive their La Bella Baskets Scented Jewels once they put in the order with me?
A. We ask that you tell them to give us 5 to 7 business days before they will get their candle from the day you put in the order with us. That gives us enough time to comfortably process the order and make sure the customer gets the candle in time, especially with the holidays coming!

Q. Am I allowed to make a Facebook page to market my Jewelry Candles business?
A. Absolutely! We love Facebook and think that its a great marketing tool for our consultants and many of our current consultants have a lot of success with selling our candles using Facebook. We do ask that you put the words "La Bella Baskets Consultant" on your page though so people can differentiate between your page and our main company Facebook page! Thank you!

Q. Do we offer samples  to our reps so customers can get an idea of what our candles smell like prior to purchase?
A. Yes! we do!

Q. How much can you make as an independent sales consultant selling La Bella Baskets Scented Jewels??

A. Really, it's up to you!  You can make part time or full -time income La Bella Baskets scented jewelry. It's like anything else really, the more time and effort you put into marketing and promoting your candle business, the more income you'll make!



Each scented jewel gift comes with a hidden jewel within it that has a value from $10 to $7500!  You could get a Ring, Necklace, Pendant, Bracelet or a pair of Earrings inside your gift.

An amazing combination of vegan-friendly, all-natural, highly scented soy wax candles.

Our Candles are a special gift that everyone will love. With thousands of different styles of rings, necklaces, pendants, earrings, or a ring in a size 5 to 11, there’s something for everyone! Just like buried treasure, you’ll melt the candle, enjoy it’s amazing scent, and receive your prize in the candle itself!

 You can choose the jewelry piece of your choice! The choice is all yours! Want to choose your ring size with these amazing scents? 

Ingredients:  Premium natural soy wax
Volume:   18oz. wax in 21 oz. container
Produced in:  Proudly made in USA
Dimensions:  6.75" H, 3.5" diameter
Est. Burn Time:  100 hours
Transit Time:  3-7 business days

Apple Mango Martini 
Bahama Mama 
Baked Apple Pie 
Banana Cream Pie 
Bedtime Spa 
Birthday Cake 
Birds of Paradise
Black Cherry Blossom  
Black Raspberry Vanilla  
Blueberry Muffin  
Buttercream Vanilla
Cantaloupe and Lily  
Cherry Lemonade  
Cinnamon Apple 
Cinnamon Bun  
Clean Cotton  
Cotton Candy  
Creme Brulee  
Footprints In The Sand  
French Vanilla  
Fresh Cut Roses  
Freshly Picked Strawberries 
Freshly Squeezed Oranges 
Honeysuckle Blossom  
Lemon Drops  
Morning Rain 
Peaches And Cream  
Pina Colada   
Rosemary Mint  
Sweet Pea 
Think Pink  
Vanilla Lavender