Free  & Purchased  Leads

There are MANY ways to generate leads. You can choose to do all free marketing or you can choose to invest a little into your business. You can choose to work online, offline or both. We have options for every budget and style. 

Below, we will share what most La Bella Baskets consultants start with. You do not have to do all of these methods, just pick which ones are the best fit for you. We recommend having five forms of lead generation going on at one time. You can also find more marketing ideas in our Marketing section  when you are ready to branch out and learn new methods. For now, let's keep it simple.


Learn how to get endless leads in the major social media sites! This is a self paced course.

#1.  Grand Opening Email
Don't work undercover. Let everyone know that you are a proud gifting consultant!  
click here for sample email

#2.  Classified Ads  - Start  posting!
What to post? 
if you want to help people save money
if you want to help people work for our company
if you want to share the gifts

click here to learn how to post free ads online

#3.  FREE Realtor leads
         go here for learn how to work these free leads

#4.  Websites that give free leads:  
Order these today! These will give you your first people to talk to. These are not the highest quality leads but they will give you great practice. These leads are for the "business opportunity", people that want to work at home.

Once you have ordered your leads, Click here for full details on how to work these leads successfully.

Note: All of the sites above will try to upsell you to buy their leads. You can ignore the upsell and just accept your free leads.

#5. Social Media Sites
       Social media works.  Go here for watch free social  medial training video

#6.  Message Boards/Forums:

 You can go to Google and search "Work at Home Mom Forums" or just "Work at home Forums". There are three ways to market your business for free on Message Boards:

 1. You can post an ad in the "Advertise your Business" section. 

2. Join in on the general conversations about anything. Make sure you have a little ad with your websites (a banner or a little blurb about what you are offering) and your contact info in your signature line. That way when you are chatting with people, they will get curious and click on your info and request information.

 3. Some work at home message boards have La Bella Baskets specific sections. You can join in the conversation there, get to know other La Bella Baskets consultants  and ask questions pertaining to your business. There will be outsiders (non La Bella Baskets consultants  looking for work from home) lurking on these boards and eventually a lot of them ask for information about working from home or even about the benefits. 
For more details on forum marketing click here

LBB Co-op Leads  
Every month La Bella Baskets runs a large advertising campaign with the major online job boards. We have the opportunity to buy into this co-op to obtain the highest quality leads. 
  This is the co-op that all leaders are in.  click here for more details

Business Cards, Postcards and Flyers around town:

 Start putting business cards, postcards and flyers around town at places like:
•Apartment complex mailbox stations
•Grocery stores
•Coffee Shops
•Basically ANYWHERE you see bulletin boards or counter tops that allow advertisements  

We recommends ordering buisness cards and postcards from 

For business card postcard  and car magnets

Flyers (Opportunity)
Flyers (Holiday)
Flyers (Candle of the Month)
Flyers ( Cookie Bouquets)
Flyers  (Gift Baskets)
Flyers (LBB Savers Club)
Flyers (Flowers)
Create free online flyers

#1.  3 - .10 leads from
#2.  Value Mini Pack or Super Value Pack at 
Once you have ordered your leads,  Click here for full details on how to work these leads successfully.

Click here to listen to "way to generate leads online & offline"

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How to talk to prospects
How to generate Leads!
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Step #1.  
Get an action plan 
Get clear about why you want what you want. After each goal you write out, “because…” and finish the sentence. For example, I want to increase my monthly income by $_______ because it will allow me to:______________________________ and that will make me feel_____________________________. Knowing what you want to feel is a very important aspect to truly achieving your goals. 

Be sure to really understand what reaching your goals will do for your life. For example: I want to make ___________ to be able to provide for my family and because I want more freedom and choices.

Step #2. 
Get Moving! 
Start sharing, posting ads and getting leads! Action creates momentum and momentum builds your check.
Below are great ways to get leads and get traffic to your site!

Step #3. 
Create the right mindset. (no turning back & be here in a year from now).
This is the most important step of all! It is crucial to have the right mindset when setting down a new path. Your mind is the most powerful tool you have and you can use that tool to empower you or dis-empower you. Janis and I have  done extensive work on our own mindset and we can tell you it has been the best time and money we have ever spent. Your attitude is everything in life and there is a saying that says “it’s not what happens to you, it’s how you respond to what happens to you that matters.” Your mindset is what dictates how you respond to everything in your life and that is truly what dictates the value and quality of your life. Here is our free personal growth training :-)
Below is our FAST start to success program.
If you wish to start a little slower, get more training or work at your own pace, visit our training section. (BOOK MARK THIS SITE)

Start giving FREE memberships and watch your business grow!  Give & Grow Program.