My First 90 Days

90 Day Sales Challenge
* Have $750 in Retail Gift Sales from your store during your first 60-90 days and EARN $150 Bonus
(Follow steps 1-8 to help you reach this goal)

Team Building Challenge
* For every new consultant on your team that reaches their 90 Day Sales Challenge you EARN $25.00 BONUS as their team leader (UNLIMITED)

$25 Team Building Bonus is earned on each personally enrolled consultant
New Consultants must meet their 30 day Fast Track sales goal
Earn a $25 bonus each time your new consultant achieves her 30, 60 & 90 Fast Track sales goal

Yeah!  You Are Now On Your 90 Day Fast Track!  Congratulations!

Once you complete the Fast Track Program, below are four main things to focus on a monthly basis to make sure you have a thriving business.

1.  Focus on teaching and encouraging your  new team  members how they can reach $250  in Personal Sales  in their first 30 days . You want them to generate their first paychecks their first month!   The first 30 days is very important for their success.  Next, focus on giving them support and guidance so they can Fast Track in their next 60-90 days. Every time they fast track, you get rewarded too!

2.   Focus on sponsoring business partners consistently and duplicating the system.   Always encourage your team to follow the  fast track program and help them sponsor 2 business partners. That will help them create a paycheck right away and residual income too!

3. This is a game of “follow the leader.” Your team will follow what YOU do. If you want your team to grow, they need to see you growing too!  

4.  Always be working on personal growth. Why?  because when you grow, so does your successline.

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