Playing games during a La Bella Gift Social can help be an icebreaker for groups of people that don’t know each other, help with getting bookings and sales, and generally be a fun thing to keep the party momentum going. Any game you choose to do, should have a goal to help you or the hostess, and not distract from the gifts.  You want them to enhance the experience, not distract or feel “cheesy.”

BOOKING GAMES: Booking games are designed to help you book future La Bella Gift Socials.

Give a Candle Sample! 
How it Works: Give the hostess a sample candle set.  She can give away three sample candles to her guests that are willing to hold their own Gift Social.

Booking Tree:

This concept is the single most effective way many have found to increase bookings for their direct sales business. And it's very easy to provide this training to someone new to your direct sales business so they begin getting bookings right away

What if you had so many bookings from your gift socials that you had to give them away to your team members? Can you imagine getting three to four bookings at every gift social you do? What would that mean for your paycheck each week?

Using a visual direct sales tool to share your available dates at your gift socials is the quickest way to accomplish higher bookings. There are many ways to do this, but the easiest (and best, in my opinion) is what we call the Booking Tree.

First things first. If you know when you’re working, it not only supports the balance in your life, but it also can increase your bookings because you're intentional about offering those dates to your gift social guests. 

Secondly, finding a way to make offering your available dates even more appealing by using some sort of direct sales tool like an instant reward (or booking gift) can also sway someone from a maybe to a yes.

Enter the Booking Tree. This direct sales tool is a simple, incredibly effective way to share your gift social dates. It's a photo stand (you can get the one pictured above here) with five slots. 

You simply fill out your gift social date cards (a simple 3×5 card with a space for the date of the gift social and the host’s name, address, phone number and e-mail address  and attach them to the booking tree. Hold up the booking tree. Here's the fun part. In the corner of each card, punch a hole and attach a small gift to that hole (the dollar store is a great outlet for this, or you can use small items from your own line. Be sure the gift doesn't cost you more than a few dollars). 

Tell your guests that these are the dates you're available over the next several weeks, and that once they choose the date they want, the gift attached to that card is theirs to keep. Then simply ask them to fill out their information on the card and give you 5 minutes before they leave so you can get them set up and working on their own gift social plan.

 It's so simple that you'll find your gift social seem to book themselves! Someone will take a card and bring it to you all filled out. At that point they're ready to be set up for host coaching. You can also use a gift bag for larger items that can’t clip to the cards and they can choose a gift when they bring you the card.

You can Google “booking tree” for tons of display ideas.

Write Names
This is simple little game of the gift social games for consultants. Have each guest write the names of two friends, two relatives, two co-workers, two neighbors and two club members. Give a prize to the first person finished. After they are through, tell them their guest list is already made out for their party, so they might as well book it now!

These games are designed to help the consultant engage more with customers for future follow-up.

Telephone Game
How it works: Tell anyone who has a phone, that the first person to get you on the phone will win a prize. Give them your #, and they’ll all press “send.” One will get through, and be your winner. The rest will go to your voice mail. Then say “Great! Now you ALL have my number – store it in your contacts as ‘YOUR NAME La Bella Baskets’ so you can call me for your next gift giving occasion!”
Like Me!

Facebook Game
Start the gift social with everyone posting something on Facebook about the gift social, with a photo, or funny comment. Ask them to tag you in the post.(also becoming a friend). The person with the most likes and comments wins a prize!

QR Code Game
Get your  QR code that is your back office.   “Anyone who scans this QR code and likes your page, goes into a drawing for a free gift basket of your choice!

These are just a few ideas to get you started. You want games to be fun and add to the gift social experience, not cheesy or burdensome. Some will work better with groups that know each other, and some might be better for icebreakers. The techie games might only work for groups that are tech-savvy or younger groups.