How to Organize a FREE LBB  Raffle

Raffling off a La Bella Baskets gift item can be very promising to your La Bella Baskets business.  You can achieve great recognition especially in high traffic areas.  They are less risky than big events and they are also less inexpensive


So Follow these simple guidelines and you will be totally amazed by the results.

Essentials for a Successful Raffle
Prize – (1) La Bella Baskets Gift item.

Bowl - For customers to put all raffle tickets in

Partner - Pick high traffic locations for example diners, restaurants, retail stores, bowling Alleys, Bingo Parlors and so on or even events that are happening in your area. Walkathons, Marathons, Town Fairs, Street Fairs and so on. Speak to the manager or owner. Ask them on their behalf if you can donate and raffle off to their customers a La Bella Baskets Gift item. Let them know you will have their company name on the raffle ticket and they can hand them out to their customers to fill out for the drawing. 

Raffle Tickets - Make Raffle Ticket layout - always add the company's name on it (Ticket Enclosed) (see above sample)

Set A Date - To start the raffle and a date to pick and call out the winner at the location.

Outcome- The company you partnered with will get recognition and you will get a list of names of people who entered for the raffle, as well as putting your LBB name out there to the community for participating in such a nice gesture.

Remember this is all totally FREE you are not charging people to buy tickets nor is the company or establishment you are partnering with!

Try it with one, if you received great results try another.

This can really build your mailing list of new potential customers and we all know the more you give the more you get back!

           Raffle Ticket (form)

 They’re easy to decorate! 
Just print your own design or graphics from your computer.  Size them to the panels, then print them directly to full size adhesive labels.  Print - Peel - Stick It On!

We can scale up or down. 
“The trouble with a lot of advertising is you really have to buy a lot of it before you know if it’s working...or not working! I don’t have that kind of money to waste. With lead boxes, I get a good prospect list. Then I can test my ideas on maybe a 100 or 200 names. If the results are good, I scale up to 500 or a 1,000 names.” 

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Contest & Entry Boxes
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