Do This First:  Click on links to your left to learn the basics.

Do This Second   Under step #3 select any method you would like to go and share about the opportunity!  You can get banners, learn how to share on social media, get flyers and postcards.  The possibilities are endless!

Commission And Ways To Join The Business

1st Option:
Consultants can join for  $5.00 and then $24.905  a month thereafter.

You will receive 60% commission for each consultant and then the following month,   $7.50 a month for each new consultant.

For example: 
  • Enroll 50 new consultants (receive $150.00 that month) and the following month you will can earn $350 a month in residual income.
  • Enroll 100 new consultants (receive $300.00 that month) and the following month you can earn $750 a month in residual income.

2nd Option: 
 Prepay for 12 months $200.60 
Total Savings $98.90!   WOW!  
Your upfront commission will be $60.00!    

Naturally since they are paying 12 months in advance there will be no monthly residual income.  Residual income instead will be "annually". So this means that after the 12th month, they can renew their yearly membership and you can receive $60.00 commission for each member.

Benefits of option #2:
  • You will be able to receive higher  upfront commissions to help you earn the income you need.
  • You can work on building residual income.
  • Acquire team members that are committed to building their business for a year.  

Now you have the best of both world and we are confident that many prospects will see the value and the savings for option #2 and thus, we see many consultants doubling their income!

Our  program is affordable, simple, fun and the market is WIDE open.  We are the only company that is offering this opportunity to people.    There are millions of people that have never heard of La Bella Baskets& Gifts and what you do with this opportunity is up to you. 

Step #1
Step # 2
Step #3
Find Consultants
Step #4
Team Building

We currently cannot enroll consultants in: 
  • Alaska   (we do not ship gifts  to Alaska so therefore we cannot enroll consultants)
  • Hawaii (we do not ship gifts  to Hawaii so therefore we cannot enroll consultants)
  • North Dakota* 
  • Montana*
*  North Dakota & Montana:  It's not that we don't want to do business in those two states, their rules  make it difficult to operate in  their states.

Can customer purchase gifts in  Alaska, Hawaii, North Dakota and Montana?
We  do not ship to Alaska and Hawaii so therefore they cannot order gifts.
Customers in North Dakota and Montana CAN purchase gifts but they just cannot enroll into the business. 

Consultants in these 6 states now have options to enroll:
Minnesota, North Carolina, South Carolina, South Dakota, Maine and Connecticut now have options to enroll into the business.  see new rules
How To Become A Rock Star Recruiter

7 Steps to Sponsoring
Step 1. Share About the Business
Step 2. Identify Potential Consultants
Step 3. Discover Their Needs
Step 4. Match Benefits With Needs
Step 5. Answer Questions & Address Concerns
Step 6. Test the Waters
Step 7. Sign them up
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Congratulations for wanting to build a team.
Build Your Team And You Will Build Your DREAM!

When you build a team you get paid residual income! Residual income is where you do the work one time and continue getting paid every month for each active consultant.

In this section we are going to show you how fun and easy it is to give people an opportunity to start their own gift boutique!    You get to help many people along the way while you are also building a great residual income for you and your family!  It doesn't get any better than that!