Grand Opening

Dear _____:

Just recently, I started my own gift business.

  I carry:
  • over 400 gifts such as gift baskets, flowers and cookie bouquets
  •  600 personalized gifts (engraving is always free)
  • 100% sterling silver charms  (starting at $11.50 each)
  • Plantable Greeting Cards
  • Personalized Candles!

I'm enclosing my website  so that you could see the gifts that I carry.   I'm so excited about my new business because I actually help people save money on their gifting needs and I receive an opportunity  to work at home and own my own business.

As my friend, I'm asking for your help.   Can you take a look at my website and see how we can help you with your gifting needs.

Would you please do three things for me.

1)  Look over our La Bella Baskets Savers Club Program. 
When I read this program, I immediately thought of you because I know  we can save you a lot of money whenever you send gifts such as:  birthdays, mothers day, weddings,  holidays and special occassion.  We even have gifts for men, babies and teens.  :-)

Here is the neat thing.  You can even SHARE this program with your entire family members. 
here is the recap of the program:
  *    20 % off  all gifts  every day  
*     no coupons, no clippings, no expiration date

It's like having  our own discount gifting store 24/7 and you will NEVER pay full price.

No worries. Our comany does not have contracts.  That means you can keep the membership as long as you like.

I know that if you and your family use the membership, you will be saving a great deal of money every year.

If you have any further questions about your La Bella Baskets Savers just call or email me :-)

If you wish to start  receiving instant savings please follow these Two Easy Steps:

Step #1.  Visit my website:     (enter your store url)

Step #2  Select "LBB Savers Club". Currently the membership is just $9.95 a YEAR and that's it!    

Within minutes you will receive instant access to your online store.

2.) Just take a moment to consider the holidays, birthdays, anniversaries or other special occasions when you could use my gifts . Then, just send me the approximate dates.  I'll put them in my birthday alarm and  send you a reminder a few weeks before just so you can look through my online catalog to see if something fits the occasion. As my friend, you know there is no obligation to buy anything---I just want to remind you to look.

3.) Refer me to someone else. It would mean a lot to me if you would refer me to a few of your other friends in case they need what I market.   Since they are referred by you, I'll make sure they are 100% satisfied! Please copy me on the email so I can follow up later with them directly since I know you're very busy.

You know I wouldn't be asking you but I'm so excited about my business and I'm excited to get if off the ground very quickly!   Please take just one minute to respond to my email with your potential gift giving occasions and send also send this on to a few friends.

Thanks very much. If there's anything I can do now for you, just let me know.

Your friend,

For great gifts for all occassions visit my website at:    Your Website Name


Here's a sample letter.

Dear Joe and Sandra:

As I mentioned on the phone a few days ago, I’m just now starting my gift business.   I'm excited about my business because I'll be able to help people save time and  money on their gifting needs.

I'll need the support of as many people as possible during this critical first year and I though of you. Since I've been a customer of yours, I'm asking you to at consider being my customer when you need to send gifts to friends or family.
Rather than having me bug you every month or so, I'd appreciate you sending me a short list of the holidays and special occasions coming up when you might be able to use the type of products I sell.

This way, I'm out of your hair until you have a need. I've attached a few product images so that you can see what I do and the quality of my gifts.

As always, I appreciate any feedback or suggestions from you about how I can make my business as successful as yours.

Thank you in advance, and I'm looking forward to that list.

Take a look at my website:   www. _________________________

La Bella Baskets Believes in the Power of Giving.
When you buy gifts from  La Bella Baskets  you are directly contributing to our Basket of  Smiles Program.  Every Month La Bella Baskets will deliver single moms who are experiencing hardships and challenges in life a La Bella Basket.   We are grateful for your support to make  this program possible.

Kindest regards,

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your website
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