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Consultants Enrollment Rules for  States:  
 Minnesota, North Carolina, South Carolina, South Dakota, Miane & Connecticut

In accordance with the following six states rules and regulations, consultants are now given an  option to enroll into the business.

The six states are as follows:
North Carolina
South Carolina
South Dakota

When a prospect  selects "get started", they will see two sign up banners.
One of the sign up banners will read:

Please note: If you are from MAINE, MINNESOTA, NORTH CAROLINA, SOUTH CAROLINA SOUTH DAKOTA and Connecticut use the link below:

Once they click on the link below, it will give them two options to enroll into the business.

* Option #1:    LBBCOMEM - Initial Consultant Membership   $24.95
* Option #2:    No Selection     $0

If they select "No Selection $0."   they will receive a website, however in order to be eligible for certain types of compensation from La Bella Baskets, they  will need to be an "qualified" consultant. (The types of compensation not included are bonuses, over-rides, and residual commissions).  

To receive these types of compensation, the consultant must be qualified. A qualified consultant has a current and active membership with La Bella Baskets, LLC. Once the consultant becomes "qualified" and advances through the director levels, the consultant will be eligible to earn bonuses and overrides. The unqualified consultant will always earn due commissions on products from their personal sales.

Note:  When banking and credit sees that they selected "No Selection  $0" they will be sent a reminder about the importance of becoming an "active" LBB consultant.  See email below.  

You, of course, are also welcome to give them a quick call and make sure they understand the benefits of being an active LBB consultant! 

Thank you for helping us get the word out to the people that are on those states.  We certainly want them to take advantage of all the ways to generate income with their La Bella Baskets business!

Warm regards,
Janis & Mia
Email that banking and credit will send to non active consultants:
Thank you for joining La Bella Baskets. We are so excited to have you on board with us!
We were just checking our records and we noticed that you enrolled for our promotion and you received the marketing website 
and back office free for an entire year!  It's a great promotion and we are glad you were able to take advantage of it.  
We also noticed that you did not select the $24.95 monthly membership.  There is no membership purchase required to become a La Bella Baskets consultant. However, in order to be eligible for certain types of compensation from La Bella Baskets, you will need to be an "active" consultant.  
To become "active", you have the option to purchase an LBB membership.   
We recommend that you purchase a La Bella Baskets membership so you can use the savings, share it with others.
Once you become "active" and as you advance through the director levels, you will also begin to earn bonuses and overrides from the efforts of your directors.
To get activated simply go to form/40365187135151
Or you can call me and I'll help you become active!  
Danielle Kelly
Banking and Credit
Monday-Friday 9AM-3PM Central Time