Rules To Follow

1. Make the Prospect Comfortable
You must make the prospect comfortable quickly, and keep them in a
comfortable state of mind. How do you do that? Simple. You must be comfortable
with what you are doing, and showing no pressure at all in your conversation,
and keeping it warm and friendly in what you say and do. And keep talking
about them, what interests them and what they are looking for. People are
comfortable talking about what interests them, not you.

2. Keep the Conversation Focused on the Prospect
The prospect is listening to a particular radio station KIA-AM. It is a
VERY important radio station to the prospect. It is radio "Keep It All About
Me". You must keep the conversation focused on what they
want to see happen in their life, and their future. Focus on them and them
only, and continue to ask questions and keep a "TINY" focus- Their Interests
Not Yours! It's ALL about the prospect. Keep your focus on them.

3. Build Trust
If the prospect does not trust you, then they will not join your business. You
MUST get them to trust you, as this is one of the cornerstones of recruiting.
Come across as "agenda-less" and no motives, except to see if your business is
something they would want to explore. And operate in total integrity. If you
don't, it will catch up with you. Keep their life in focus, not yours. If you
do, your business will become a greater focus to the prospect.

  4. Hear the Prospect, don't just Listen
Many people listen to a prospect, but few hear the prospect. The
prospect will tell you all you need to know to recruit them, if you hear what
they are saying. Listening is processing the words, but not the meaning and
emotions. Most people are too busy thinking what they are going to say next,
to ever hear a prospect. "Would you please tell me what you meant by that?
That was interesting or Tell me what you are really are looking for in life
are good statement for hearing. Those that listen with the ears have shallow
listening those that listen with the heart and to the emotions, have Success
Listening, and actually hear the prospect with a depth that is Magnetic to

5. Take the Pressure off the Prospect
Pressure is a sure way of pushing the prospect away, and their defenses going
up. Take the pressure off with a Pressure Valve phrase, like I am not sure
this is something that is right for you or not. Or, I am not sure this would
be a fit for you. These simply take the pressure off, and show the prospect
that you only want what is best for you and your family.

6. Connect with the Prospect and They Must Connect with You
Connection is the secret to getting the prospect moving towards you
psychologically. It is the process of asking questions, and finding things
that you have in common, you can relate to, you can share, you both agree
with, etc. The more that a prospect feels connected to you, the more that your
recruiting magnetism is growing. You and I have some things in common I can
relate to that! I totally agree with you are Connecting Phrases for
Recruiting. It is a fact that who people feel connected to, they listen to
closely, because they feel comfortable with them.

7. Pour Out Hope, not Hype
Pouring out is an art that Successful people and Leaders have mastered.
It is simply taking the best of your emotions, and pouring them into a person
with your words, caring and belief. Many  people are so focused on getting the prospect excited, they
forget that Hope is more powerful than hype. Hype comes from the head, and
Hope comes from the heart. One is heard, and the other is felt. Pour out with
your words and emotions the Power of Hope for a better future, income, and
lifestyle. As your pour in, the prospect will begin to pour out their heart,
and you will know the truth of what they are hoping for in life.

8. Have Something FOR the Prospect, do not want Something FROM the Prospect
Many times, we come to the prospect, and we have a dollar bill stuck on
our foreheads. The prospect can feel this very quickly. You must not approach
a prospect with your hand out mentally empty, as if asking for a crumb of
bread. You must have your hand out filled with Hope, Dreams, Success,
Fulfillment, and an Incredible Lifestyle, ready to give that to them. If you
do, you will have a radically different mind set. One is a taking mindset and
the other is a giving mindset. The prospect will ALWAYS be drawn towards a
GIVING mindset, not a taking one. Have the Gift of Success and Lifestyle ready
to give your prospect, not the desire to take something from them. For you
will always have more power than From you in recruiting.

9. Do Not Be Emotionally Attached to the Result
So many times, we get discouraged, and down, when the results of our
recruiting efforts do not align with what we want to happen. Our emotions kick
in, we start doubting ourselves, and what we are doing, and fear starts to
creep in the Fear of Failure. Then you get so discouraged, you end up giving
up. This happens because your emotions were controlling you, not you
controlling your emotions. You must step back from the results, as you must
understand that many people are too busy living their life to ever put more
life in their living. Timing may not be right. They may be totally happy where
they are in life. They are not saying no to you, but to themselves. Don't get
emotionally attached to the possibility of your prospect enrolling until they
have given you reason to. Discouragement is a result of your emotions
dominating reality. Reality is, there are more people out in the world who are
looking for you, then you could ever imagine. Go talk to them, and bless them
with your business.

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