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Hey (FIRST NAME) , I’m working part-time dong something that I’m so excited about!   I just started my own gift business.  I work with La Bella Baskets and I own my own gift boutique.  I get to help people send gifts.  The market is huge since everyone sends gifts for birthdays, special occasions and holidays.

I will be generating income on all of my customers and repeat customers.  Plus, I can also get repeat income from our memberships (candle of the month and LBB Savers).  

I don’t know if you are looking for extra income but we are growing and expanding. I’m sure you’re totally satisfied with your job, but here is my website.  It will give you all the information you need and we can go from there.  If it’s a great match, great. If not, that’s fine too.  At least it’s a chance for you to check it out .  

I really love what I do and I'm building a great repeat income.  

Here is my website (give them your business card or flyer).  When you visit my website, there is a short video under the section "EARN INCOME".  Watch the video.  It will go over who we are and how we get paid.   

Follow-up  and invite them to our company meeting. This is a great way for them to get to know LBB. When you follow-up always  build a rapport.   

The idea of these scripts if not for you to be doing the “selling”.  It is for you to give people information and see if our company is a match for them.

Let the recorded call  (or the video that is on your website) present the details about La Bella Baskets.  After the call, you can email them your website or invite them to our company call so they can get to know who we are.

The more people you call and visit your website, naturally, the more people will join your business and the larger the team you will build.

It only takes 90 days to fill your “pipeline” and start really seeing big results.  Once you build momentum, it will get easier and easier and your profits will multiply.  Commit to a marketing plan and stick with it.  If you’re making calls, make calls consistently!  

Practice the script on friends and family or other LBB consultants.  Many consultants have had success by simply asking a friend if they could “practice” a new script on them that they are learning.  The friend ends up saying. “Hey that sounds interesting, can I do it too?  Or…. “Can I get more information about that?”

Use a follow-up system (personal call, thank you note, postcard or email).  Statistics show you will increase your ratios significantly by following up with your prospects.

Work on personal growth.  Every successful person will tell you that reprogramming your mind daily with audios from other successful people is key to success.

Realize that leaders continue to do the key activities that make them money (selling gifts and sponsoring new consultants) even when the don’t “feel” like it.  So learn how to consistently make your self do the things you do not want to do.

Think long term.  It may take some time to find your flow and get results you desire.  Set goals.  Reinvest back into your business monthly – into your advertising and most importantly into your education, training and motivation.  


Q) Why do I have to pay any upfront costs?
A) La Bella Baskets is not a job, this is better.  This is your business and you are the CEO of your gifting company.  You are not working for someone else, it's  your business from home.  And like with any legitimate business, there is a start up.  But  our start up costs are VERY low.  Less than the price off a movie  so we are  very lucky.  Most  legitimate Businesses  have a start up cost around $300 to over $500 but that's not the case  with us.  Our start up costs is  just $24.95 a month.

Q) I need to talk it over with my spouse.  
A) Great!  I think you should do that.  I believe it's very important to have that support 
from your spouse.  If you can, get them to sit down and read about our company.  Once your spouse reads the information, jot down their questions too and call me with them.  It's really important 
that they get their questions answered as well.  So give me a call back in a couple days or 
I will call you, either way, and we can see if this will be a good fit for you!

Q)  I heard if I have to pay to work at home then it must be a scam.
A)  Yes, that is correct.   You should never have to pay anyone to work at home but we are not a job.  This is your business and you are the CEO of your company.  If you would start a business anywhere, for example, Mary Kay, The Pampered Chief, or open your own  store, normally there is a small investment because you get things in return.  You receive websites, support and training.   The good news is that this business has a start up cost that is VERY low.  Less than the price off a movie  so we are  very lucky.  Most legitimate businesses  have a start up cost around $300 to over $500 but that's not the case  with us.  La Bella Baskets like to keep it affordable for everyone.

Q) Is this a pyramid scheme?
A) No La Bella Baskets isn't a pyramid scheme.  Pyramid schemes are actually illegal in the 
United States.  Pryamid schemes usually don't have any products or service and that is why they are a pyramid schemes.    La Bella Baskets simply allows us tostart a  gift basket and flower business and we get paid when customers purchase from our store.  We also get rewarded when we help others work for our company. 

Q)  Is this multi level marketing (MLM) or network marketing?
A) No La Bella Baskets is not an MLM or networking marketing company.  We have a very simple program that we are super excited about.  We do get paid 4 generations when our team members sell gifts but we do not get paid "levels" for recruiting.  

Q)  How long have you been with the company and what are you making so far?
A)  Note:  If you are new to the business you can say:  
Honestly, I'm pretty new to the company but I love it here!  I'm working on moving up to the first level of the company which is: Sr. Gift Director.  I would of been making a few hundred dollars along the way.

Q) How long does it take to start making money?
A)  That depends on each individual person.  It depends on how many hours they are 
working each week as well as their level of commitment.   However, most of us start generating sales or referrals  our first week simply by doing a grand opening.  You probably already know people that send gifts and now they can purchase them from you!   Of course, this business is wide open.   We are the ONLY company offering this opportunity to people and EVERYONE sends these gifts!

Q)  How do we get customers or build a team?
A)  The company shows us how to reach out to people online (in the internet) or offline (in your hometown).   You learn how to do this in the company training website. The company also has live calls, recorded call and a wonderful forum that you can join.  There are so many amazing people on the forum ready to assist us.

Q. My spouse is skeptical.
A)  I understand how you “feel”.   We have had some of our team members with skeptical spouses.
We simply tell them to go and site down with their spouse and read the website and watch the video. Then educate them that you are not going to “lose money”.  Simply by owning a homebased business, you are going to put money BACK in your pocket with huge home office deductions.   Let me send you an invite to our training call on Tuesday (it’s a free conference call).  Then call me if you have questions.  I can also follow-up with you. When is a good day and time to call you back.

 Q. Your shipping is too high!
A)  Our shipping is very competitive and at a great price...our average shipping is $12.95.
If you would go to UPS to ship a gift basket, it would cost you more than $12.95 to ship.  We were able to get discount shipping since we mail lots of gifts everyday.

Q. Is the market over saturated?
A)  No absolutely not, the market is wide open.  There is probably hardly ANY consultants in your area. It's not like Avon or Mary kay where there is a consultant on every corner. 
Haven't you ever wanted to be in a company where it was about to take off?  well, you have it here!  You can be there on the front line. Even if you did have someone next door selling chances are you don't all know the same people, plus you also have the internet to work with...this business is definitely wide open.

You're a Scammer!
I will get this every now and then and I remain calm and just say something to this effect...I know there are a lot of bad things out there but I can assure you that this is not one of them, we have an A rating with the BBB and I have been with the company for almost 4 years now (or you can say I joined under someone who has been here for so many years) and they receive a 1099 at the end of the year, they claim items on their taxes, you receive checks twice a month. Please take the time and do your research on this company and I know you will be put at ease with this business. But the BBB would not have an A rating on us if we were scammers.

Why would I want to order with you and not just go buy in a store?
A)  Well your right you can go to a store but really take a look at what you are getting in the store, a lot of these gift baskets have a lot of fillers in them, read what you would be ordering from our site, we have a lot of items in each basket not to mention some very good quality items plus you are also getting a personal consultant that will help you with gifting needs...You are adding the personal touch which a lot of companies are losing this type of customer service. Plus all of our sales a portion goes to a program called Baskets of Smiles for single moms...we have a lot more to offer then just a store plus we are giving back. Plus what I do is send out a Personal Thank You Card through regular snail mail...this is just a nice added touch, you might think it is nothing but we are losing that personal touch – you are going to Walmart they are not going to send you a “thank you” card...they take your money and they can contact you and ask questions, if they need help that personal one-on-one can mean a lot to someone out there!

If for some reason this business is not a match for them simply say:
not a problem before you go would you like for me to  enter you to our Free Gift Basket Drawing.  Every month our company gives a gift basket worth $100.00 to one lucky winner. 

If they say NO..I will just say ok thank you for your time and good luck in your job search.

At this point I will remove them from my email list..if they want nothing to do with anything at this point ...but no worries you will get others.

FAQ’s:  How was La Bella Baskets Started?
La Bella Baskets started in 2009.

We have always had a vision of a business that would enable people the personal freedom to pursue their dreams. So, in keeping with that, and after much hard work and due diligence, La Bella Baskets was born. La Bella Baskets is a new concept. One that we know you will embrace.

We at La Bella Baskets consider all of you as leaders on this ground floor opportunity and you appreciate all of our consultants. Haven't you ever wished that you had been the first one to join a growing company? Well, you have that right here with La Bella Baskets! What you do with this, is up to you.

This opportunity is wide open. Being on the front line of this company puts you in a very unique position. It enables you can grow as much as you like, at any pace you wish. Our goal is to keep this business simple, affordable and to empower people.

What does La Bella Baskets believe and stand for:
La Bella Baskets understands that in the past, owning a home based business was only available to a few because only the elite could afford owning a business. They were given resources, tools, support and guidance to build a business for them and their family.

You are associated with an organization of people who has made it possible for anyone (no matter who they are or where they come from) to own their own gifting business without the large investments or the countless headaches.

We believe that everyone should have the freedom to start an affordable business from the comfort of their home.

For people to obtain this freedom has been a longtime passion of ours, and while we have reached out to many about what we believe and stand for, you make that freedom possible. It is your spirit and tenacity that have made La Bella Baskets a symbol of that freedom. It is because of you that people are starting their own home-based businesses.

People are dreaming again, and today, someone is finding their freedom!

You will ALWAYS enroll more consultants into your business if you take the time to give them a quick call about La Bella Baskets.  

People will enroll because they trust you and they connect with you.  

If you call a prospect and they still want to think about it or perhaps a little afriad to jump in, always send them an invitation to listen to our free training call.

A dial a day will bring freedom your way.

Step #1
Step #3
Find Consultants
Step #4
Team Building

Step #2

Below is a very simple script that will go over about the opportunity.  The script below takes less than 5 minutes.  

Remember, relax and have a good time.  You are offering people the great gift!  The gift of opportunity.  

People can own their own gift basket and flower  business (just like a franchise) but it won't cost them franchise money.
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