The Basic

Here are the bullet points to know when you are talking to a prospect:

La Bella Baskets is a simple program.

There are no   REQUIRED:
*  kits to purchase
*  products to purchase
*  collecting money
*  large investment  
*  merchant accounts
*  inventory
*  deliveries of gifts
This business is like a franchise but we don't pay franchise money

This is a business and as most legitimate businesses, there is an investment. The good news is that business will not cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. We simply have a small overhead of $24.95.      

The overhead is for to become a consultant and become commissionable.
You will also receive:
* Live Training Calls & Archived Audios Available 24/7
* Support Toll-free numbers for  you, the owner, and
    your customers
  * Professionally-designed marketing materials
  * On-going marketing tips

We have the best of both worlds
*  We can earn residual income, commission and leadership bonuses

We can earn:
1  Gifts    (earn commission & bonuses)
2  Candle of the Month  (earn commission & residual
3  LBB Savers Club  earn commission & residual
4   Team building program (earn commission & residual)

Market is wide open
*  We are the ONLY company offering this affordable opportunity to people.  

Step #1
Step #3
Step #4
Team Building

Step #2