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Welcome to La Bella Baskets & Gifts! Thank you for being part of our company and part of our mission. 

The gifting business is one of the fastest growing markets on the internet and we are glad you decided to join this fun and rewarding industry!

I am so excited to have you on board. 

You are going to have so much fun growing your gifting business. 

When you enrolled, you should have received a password to login to the training website. 

click on the "FAST TRACK" tab to get started.

My support number is:  (place your phone#)

If you want a quicker response please download aim instant messenger
it is free to join. Just add me to your list my user name is (INSERT YOUR INSTANT MESSENGER) and we can chat directly online.

p.s.  Please join our Facebook group and use that when you need support from corporate or just want to chat with other consultants. We have hundreds of members that are ready to share tips/suggestions and marketing material! The Facebook group is BOOMING with conversation!  Your questions will be answered immediately!  
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I look forward to working with you and building our business together!

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We highly recommend to pick up the phone and give your new team member a quick "welcome call".  If they are not home when you call them, please leave them a message that you are sending them information so he/she can contact you.

 Feel free to change it up a bit or even give them a welcome call!