Building customers.
Building customers is a great way to build repeat income.  Once you build a great big customer base it's so rewarding!  Just know that  you are brand new and you  won't have a flood of customers right away and that is okay.  We are going to show you  how to build customers.   Stick with it and you will build an amazing business that belongs to you and your family.  How to Build Customers.

Referral Program.  
Many of our consultants like to work our referral program while they are  building their customer base.   With our referral program you can earn 30% commission AND residual income front your front line consultants.

This program is affordable, simple and fun and who doesn't like gift baskets and flowers!  There are millions of people that have never heard of our new career and the market is wide open.  :-)   How To Find Consultants.

Candle of The Month
Candles make excellent gift ideas for any special occasion. Whether individuals are looking for a birthday gift, mother's day gift, Christmas gift, gift for him, gift for her, or a gift for yourself, candles are always a great choice. If a customer selects a monthly membership, you'll earn 30% commission and residual income.
 How to Build Customers.

Most consultants start building a customers base while they are also working on the referral program. This way they have several sources of income coming in.

1st way:     Helping People With their Gifting Needs 

2nd way:  Helping  people start their own gift basket and flower career  

3rd way:  Marketing LBB Savers Club  to Corporations & Families   

4th way:  Help people order a candle of the month membership  

 Presentation Videos

Use the Bob & Lisa Video To Grow Your Business
The Video is on your marketing website under "earn income"