Determine where you want to host your party. It can be at your home, it can be a friend or relative who wants to help you get started.  You can also just ask friends to meet at a restaurant.

Planning Your Display:

You do not need to have a lot of inventory, to have a lovely display.  

A few things that you WILL want to have
  • Table to display the gifts
  • Artificial flower bouquet (use flowers to match our company colors) to place on top of the table.

Planning Your Invitations:
  • Invite everyone you know. (see invite below)
  • Friends
  • Relatives
  • Associates (co-workers)
  • Neighbors
  • Kids’ contacts

Try to use a variety of invitation methods.
  •  Email
  • Text
  • Phone
  • Paper/mailed
  • Facebook

Try to avoid the “spray and pray” method of invitations, which is spray it out to everyone, and pray that someone accepts. Because we all receive so many Facebook invitations, most are ignored. Facebook should not be your primary invitation method.

After initial invitations go out, follow-up with everyone you invited!
A week in advance and a day before.

Suggested Wording for Your Invitations:
“Hello! As you may have heard, I have started an exciting new business venture as a La Bella Baskets and Gift Consultant!  Our company offers beautiful and unique gifts for all occasions.  The gifts have a beautiful meaning behind them which is to help single moms and I wanted to be a part of it. The company is only 6 years old, and the growth and demand has been unprecedented.

I will be hosting a  Surprise Jewel Party  this weekend [dates] in my home. It’s a great way to view the candles and see what it’s all about. Please choose one of the following dates, and let me know if you can stop by!
Date 1:
Date 2:
Date 3:

Feel free to also browse the following links, to learn more about La Bella Baskets and Gifts and my business!

Shop Online: [replicated website/shop]
LIKE my Facebook page: [insert FB link]
FOLLOW me on Pinterest: [insert Pinterest link]

Thank you so much for supporting me and my business. I look forward to seeing you!

Send each guest who attended your gift gathering a personal note, even if they didn’t purchase. They supported your business, and may be a future customer or team member!

Relax and treat yourself to something pretty with your first commission check!

Good luck! You Are GREAT!


Below are little details to help you decorate a table that will ensure success every time.


#1. Wear company colors.

#2.  Display the sample candles.  

 If you have the charm samples, wear the charm bracelet. Why? because you sell what you wear. When you wear the jewelry you will have higher jewelry sales. Your customers and guests will inquire more about the piece of jewelry that you are wearing and they will want it for themselves. If you only got one piece of jewelry, that is fine. Wear it and show it off!

#3. Always display the "JOIN MY TEAM" FLYER.   Place the flyer inside a white frame so they can easily see it.  It's a great way for you to build a team.

#4. Decorate your table. Place artificial flowers (you can get them from Michael's). Pick flowers that have our company colors. You want to keep your table, light, white, fresh and clean.

#5. Table: If you don't have a table, that is okay. Use a tabletop, island, coffee table. There are many places that you can have a gift social.

#6. Table cloth: You’ll want to get a turquoise table cloth.  You can get it for under $10 from a website called Table Cloths Factory.  It’s polyester so it does tend to wrinkle.

 If you are doing a charm party.  Encourage the guest to look pick up the charms and to experience the concept of building their story. This will help with having a successful gift gathering.

#7.  Displaying the cards:
12 pocks greeting card (spinner) 


  • Schedule at least 30 minutes a day every day to do something to promote your business.
  • Send your goals to your enroller.  
  • Be excited about your La Bella Baskets & Gifts business. You have just joined the most amazing company!
  • Create your list of 100 contacts.
  • Start talking to people right away about your business and giving out the flyers.


Did you know you can host your first show and tell anywhere!
Below is a post from Jennifer Lewis, Executive Diamond Gift Director.
You can do a Show and Tell about your business anywhere. This was my little table at a bowling alley the other night that was hosting a Ladies Night event. Love sharing with people about my business everywhere.  Card Rack

Let's talk about how to get the word out about your exciting business. We recommend to do a gift social/party in your hometown. Why? because group interactions is the best way to have more conversations about people joining your team, buying gifts for them or their loved ones. Group interactions will also help you get referrals and even people wanting to help you host an event for you!  Many will also want to join your business  too!   Anytime someone joins your team, you receive repeat income every month!   

Another reason why we love gift gatherings is because in one gift gathering, you can easily meet your fast track goal. Most gatherings bring sales of $250, $500, $1,000 and more (depending on the number of people you invite).

Gift gatherings    are entirely optional. If you want to jump straight into virtual online parties, that’s great! We also have other ways to market such as online and offline marketing to be successful. Stop by the success center.  What is great about this business is that you build it whatever method is comfortable for you!

Learn The Jewel Scented Candles

Listen to call

Hosting a party is an exciting time and it's  when you will officially introduce your business to your friends and family.

Learn about our scented jewel candles before your guest arrive.

When guests arrive, you can also mention about the other gifts that you carry! But for now, let's focus on the scented jewel candles. It's a very simple gathering to do and it's a HOT seller!

 The goal of your gift social is to let everyone know that you own a gift business that carries gifts for all occasions and holidays. It's also about generating interest, leads, team members and future parties. Remember, people send gifts and they are always looking for unique gifts!

 A party is a great way to share that you carry:

Affordable sterling silver charms that they can build heirloom jewelry. The charms are always a big hit! 100% sterling silver charms start at $11.50 each!

 Unique Plantable greeting cards.  Most people don't even know about the unique greeting card. It's the same amount of a regular card but it grows flowers or herbs too!

Over 600 personalized gifts  for any occasion! (personalization is always free). 

 Personalized candles!

Scented Jewel Roses & Candles.

400 gift baskets, flowers and cookie bouquets

If you don't let them know about your business, they will go and buy gifts from someone else!​ Never work undercover! Be proud of your business. You are a gift expert and you can help so many people find the perfect gift. 

Be sure to let your mentor know when you will be hosting your party.
Decide If You Want To Purchase A Few  Candles (And Receive Commission)  Or Purchase A Package

When you purchase jewel scented candle(s) or gifts from your online store you will receive commission. Then that sale from your store will go into your sales volume!! As your sales volume grows you will be moving up new levels. New levels means higher commission!

You can start  with a few candles or you can start with a large package.  The important thing is to get in action mode right away!   You want to earn your FIRST bonus in 30 days. 

It's not required to order the 38 sample candles to  have a successful gathering. Naturally, if you have all 38 samples your guests will be able to experience all the scents but it's optional.

 If you can only invest in a few candles that's fine too!   Don't let anything stand in the way of you building a large gift business for you and your family..

Below are two options to start your first surprise jewel party!

Option #1 
Purchase candle(s) from your online store to showcase. 

Option #2
click on graphic below to  view discounted jewel candle samples.

(save your receipt for a tax deduction).

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Print Invitation Below

  • Print: Host A Gift Social And Earn Free Gifts Flyer

  • Have your lap top open for them to view the entire gifts.

  • Print A Hostess Rewards Flyer:   (select One)  Flyer 2. Remember your gift gathering is to also find people that want to host a gift social for you!  Share that the market is wide open and how they can make income with the gifts and residual income building a team!      If a guests says "oh my gosh, I want everything on the catalog".  That is someone who is a prospective future team member.  No one likes pushy, high-pressure people. Use phrases that draw people in and invite questions, such as “I love what I’m doing…” “I love the flexiblity…” “Our commission plan is so awesome…” “My team and upline are so incredibly supportive…” Conversely, avoid phrases that push people away, such as “YOU could earn…” “YOU should join…” “YOU would make…” Your own enthusiasm will draw people in, rather than appearing pushy.


  •  (optional)  GIVE A GIFT! Let your guests know that when they place an order that day, they will receive a FREE LBB Savers Club Membership for future orders. The savers club will give them 20% off the entire store for an entire year!
  • They will receive 10% off ALL scented Jewel line (candles and roses) too!

Candle Ekit
Have Fun Planning Your 

Hostess Package
  • Print All Of The Above To Help Your Hostess Have A Successful Party!

​     *  Print  Hostess Reward

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