La Bella Baskets Scented Jewels

Wax Dipped Roses

Roses Specifications:
 Premium natural soy wax, Wood
Length Long stem roses - 12" / Rose Buds are 3"
Produced in Proudly made in USA
Est. Scent Duration 6 Month

Everything you need to know about our Scented Wax Roses!
(The Roses That Never Die)
  • Dozen Of Roses & Jewel:  $39.99  Two Gifts for the price of one!
  • Step #1 Select  Wax Roses
  • Step #2 Select Scent
  • Step #3 Select Jewel
Step #1  Select Color of Scented Roses
Colors are as follows:
Lavender Wax Dipped Roses
Red Dozen Wax Dipped
Baby Blue Dozen
 Back & Peachy Dozen Wax Dipped Roses
 Black Roses
 Blue & Coral Mixed Wax Roses Bouquet
Bumble Bee Wax Roses
Cream Wax Dipped Roses
Deep Purple Wax Dipped Roses
Georgia Peach Bouquet Wax Roses
Green and Coral Bouquet Wax Roses
 Pink Wax Dipped Roses
Red & Cream Wax Dipped Roses
White, Lavender and White with Lavender Tipped Wax Roses Bouquet
Yellow Dozen Wax Dipped Roses
Yellow with Orange Tips Fall Wax Roses

Green and Coral Roses


 Step #2   Select Scent
5 Amazing Scents To Select As Follows:
  • Chocolate Dipped
  • Lilac
  • Fresh Cut Roses
  • Think Pink (Lovespell)
  • Unscented
The scent will last 6 months

Step #3  Select Surprise Jewel

Jewel will be valued anywhere from $10 to $7500!
The surprise piece of jewelry that you will get could be a ring, pendant, necklace, bracelet or pair of earrings and will be attached to the stems of the roses.

Roses Arrive!
Nice Presentation

Once you open the box and you will immediately smell the wonderful scent!

Can't wait to see the surprised jewel!

Look at the beautiful ring! LOVE IT!

Can't wait to wear the ring and enjoy the beautiful scented flowers!



Click on photos to view the roses and jewel!